How to write a music press release: best tips to follow

Press releases are something that most artists are familiar with, but not all of them are good writers. With a press release for the release of new music, a music video, a tour, or a launch party, you generally want to create some excitement and momentum.

In order for readers, listeners, or viewers of media outlets to discover more about a new artist or record, a press release's primary goal is to notify such outlets about it.

Regardless of whether you're a DIY band, an independent artist without management or a label, or you have a little budget, there are definitely certain aspects of music marketing that you can perform on your own.

Use the following advice on how to write a music press release to send to radio stations, other media sources, and your email list in order to inform people and create some buzz.

How to write a music press release

Because it's not the only one out there and the receiver might not have time to read it, it's crucial to write music press releases in a clear, succinct manner.

How to write a music press release

Due to the large volume of emails that bloggers, periodicals, and agencies often get each day, they seldom have the time to read lengthy or tedious communications.

An engaging subject line can make the difference between your email being opened and being discarded. Are you touring soon? What are your upcoming tour dates? What is the inspiration behind your track? Do you have any interesting videos? Have you ever worked with a well-known producer or artist? Make your point in the subject line memorable enough to grab the receiver’s attention and compel them to read it.

What to write in your music press release


The most crucial element of your news story is an engaging press release headline. According to marketers, we only have three seconds to pique the reader's interest. Your headline should therefore be intriguing and appealing, and it should describe what the contents are for the reader.

Consider the reader of your post when writing. What are they seeking to learn? What could possibly be interesting or surprising to them?

Remember, you are pitching yourself to someone else with the main goal of getting this person to write about you. Additional headline options may be your album cover or a quote from a good review of the band.



Dateline is not a date but the name of the city where the announcement originates. It needs to be separated from the lead sentences and written in all capital letters.

State and city should come first, then month, day, and year. To tell journalists when they can print the article, use the forms "for immediate release" or "to be released on xx" at the top of your press release.

What is the story

Sum up the pertinent information using subheadings. There are numerous ways to accomplish it, so experiment with a couple of them until you find the one that works best for you. The most typical method is to summarize the most important information in a line or two. You can build authority in a summary by including quotes from pertinent media if you have them.

What is the story

The body

Now you should explain what is happening following the easy to follow method of the 5Ws to articulate your music press release:

- Who are you?
- What is the most important thing you want the world to know about you? What is the news?
- Where this is going to happen?
- When?
- Why this is so important for you and why people should read about it?

The body


People who are interested will want more information, so this is where you provide it. Include quotes from the key players, such as you, your management, the producers, passages from a prior tour, or what other journalists have said about you. Keep them honest and don’t stress them too much, be genuine.

Contact info, social media

Include name, phone number, email address and be sure to include all your social media links so that people know where to check you out (Website, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, etc.). Writers frequently get in touch with artists to get clarification or further information on the press release, so make yourself reachable.

Contact info, social media

How to publish your music press release

Now that you have it ready, it's time to make your press release public. Decide if you want to send it directly to the media or to websites that share press releases.

If the news release is about a tangible record, you may send a printed copy along with it; otherwise, if you're sending an email, attach a link to your BandCamp, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc. page.

Attachments should not be sent; usually, they seem suspicious and are too large. Pick a Dropbox or Google Drive link if your music hasn't yet been made available on any streaming services.

How to publish your music press release

How to write a music press release - Conclusion

You should now have the basic knowledge of how to write a press release for your music. Public relations is only one of the numerous aspects you need to take care of when marketing yourself.

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Updated January 2023

How to write a music press release: best tips to follow

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