How to make money as a music producer: 12 effective ways

The prospects for musicians, artists, and music producers continue to expand with limitless potential as music creation changes over time. Without a record deal or significant industry ties, it was much tougher to succeed financially in the past.

Since then, many things have radically changed. The globe is now your audience, and the internet has evolved into a door to countless options.

Here are 12 wise methods for being a successful music producer and making money out of it.

Give lessons

Whatever your instrument may be able to help, you may help others learn it and improve their abilities by sharing yours. You can conduct it at your home studio, travel to your students' homes to provide home service, or, if you prefer the ease of Skype, conduct it over there.

Give lessons

Pre-recorded online courses and tutorials are another thing you can sell. The majority of online courses use video, but you may enhance the learning experience by using different types of media, including audio, texts, and pictures.

You can look at these websites if you're searching for a third-party platform to assist you in selling these courses to the appropriate target market: Udemy and Lynda.

Establish a YouTube channel

Your portfolio and business will both expand if you publish your beats on YouTube and manage a channel with regular uploads.

Additionally, you can create behind-the-scenes videos or music producer vlogs that your followers might find interesting. To stand out from the competition, carefully consider your branding approach and be distinctive enough.

Establish a YouTube channel

Before you can monetize your channel, you must first accumulate 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours. You will be eligible to monetize once you have accomplished these milestones.

Increase your income streams by using Patreon

Patreon is a membership site that gives artists the tools they need to establish a subscription content service, including ways to connect with fans and provide them with special experiences, like a secret group interested only in your music and productions.

Anything that you think your subscribers might find interesting can be posted, including behind-the-scenes footage, bespoke music, or even a one-on-one video chat. Be imaginative and consider how you may provide your customers with a special experience.

Provide services for mixing and mastering

For most artists with limited resources, hiring a high-end professional studio for these services might be unaffordable.

Depending on the quantity of tracks, your degree of competence, the studio equipment, and other things that you'd want to take into account, you can offer these services for a lower price if you have an ear for balancing mixes and making them the finest versions they can be.

Depending on the customer's requirements, mixing engineers can charge anywhere from $50 to $200 per song. Some professional studios charge more, and if you're that good, you can definitely charge more.

Provide services for mixing and mastering

Offer your services to websites for freelancers

Websites for independent contractors are sometimes thought of as being suitable mainly for positions in administration and information technology. Although the majority of companies are looking for these services, music producers can also get into this market.

Customers seek music for their short films, startup commercials, and independently produced apps and games. There are occupations like custom song production, nursery rhyme songwriting, podcast editing, music content writing, and many more if you are adaptable and prepared to try different audio-related tasks.

Fiverr and Upwork are the main platforms among freelancers. You may create an account with them so you may browse other music producers and see what services they have to offer.

Selling beats or royalty-free music

There has been an increase in music producers and beat creators selling "type beats" to independent rappers, vocalists, and artists during the last few years. The majority of them use social media to promote their digital items while earning a profit selling instrumentals on their websites and other channels.

Depending on the beat's quality, the size of the clientele, and the producer's reputation, beat fees can range from $30 and above. Pricing factors such as non-exclusive leasing vs. exclusive one are also taken into account, albeit there is no fixed regulation for this.

The ideal strategy to launch your business is to create at least 10–20 beats. This amount is perfect if you're just starting off because it won't be too difficult to complete and manage.

The choice of your website hosting provider is the next stage. You can choose between many alternatives like airbit, beatstars, and traktrain among many.

License your songs

Music licensing for TV and movies is one of the most lucrative alternatives to have on your list. In essence, you create instrumental cues or vocal songs that could be used in TV or film, pitch them to music libraries, and then wait to get signed so that you can be included in their repertoire.

License your songs

To succeed in this field, your music needs to be very good. As you interact with music directors and library owners who will assist you in obtaining sync placements, networking will be helpful.

Keep in mind that it's a numbers game; the more music you produce and submit to libraries, the more money you make and the more opportunities and connections you open up.

Crucialmusic and marmosetmusic are music licensing websites that are worth visiting.

Become a ghost producer

A "ghost producer" is essentially a person who makes music secretly for other producers.

As a result, even while your effort may not always be acknowledged, you will still receive compensation in the form of money, which can serve as a great additional source of steady income.

Make sure you're comfortable with selling your music before deciding to ghost produce. Because once you sign the contract, everything is finalized, and you completely lose ownership of the song you produced.


Whatever your level of experience, if you're making music that other people like, go on the decks, rehearse, and take your music out there into clubland. Getting your initial gigs is difficult, but it becomes much simpler when you have a following and excellent music.


This will increase the confidence of promoters and venues in your viability. And nothing compares to seeing a brand-new audience discover your music in person!

Going to the local bars and venues in your town and asking if they could host you for a play is the simplest approach to get your first gigs. Allow them to hear your music and then kindly introduce yourself and the reason for your desire to perform live.

Put your music on all the streaming services, including CalypsoRoom, Apple Music, and Spotify

Making music for a fan base might increase your income if you've built a reputation as a beat maker. You are the main artist this time around, so you are no longer working in the back.

TuneCore, DistroKid and CDbaby are the main distributors to use for releasing your music in all the main Digital Service Providers (DSP) out there, including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and so on.

On the other hand, all you have to do to upload your music on CalypsoRoom and earn 3 cents whenever it is played there is let us know you're interested with this form, and someone from our internal department will get back to you as soon as they can.

Put your music on all the streaming services

Regardless of the platform you go for, keep in mind that knowing the information about your music (metadata) is becoming increasingly crucial over time in order to avoid errors and problems until the time comes to receive royalties from the use of your music on whichever DSP you choose.


Another clever strategy is to sell your own goods to continue making money. The options are unlimited, and you may offer everything from t-shirts and caps to key chains and wristbands.

This phase will require you to create some graphic designs, which you can either do yourself or outsource. These designs must adhere to your brand guidelines.

For the most part, you'll be employing a logo, but feel free to include your tagline or other phrases that have become well-known among your fan base. Anything that is associated with your brand, anything that characterizes you as a music producer or an artist, is okay.

Redbubble and printful can definitely help you out on this.

Other creative talents

Using your other creative skills, whether they are in graphic design, video editing, photography, or article writing, can not only help you become a more well-rounded artist but also a more intelligent and savvy creative entrepreneur.

The majority of music producers are talented individuals with diverse skill sets. Your ability to earn more money is increased by using all of your skills to their full potential. Explore and venture outside of your comfort zone without fear.


It's time for you to do some exploring now that we've given you some advice on how to earn money as a music producer. Contrary to popular belief, the internet has made it possible for music producers to support themselves full-time.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post, and if you'd want more advice for advancing your musical career, please visit our blog area. There, you'll find a lot more helpful articles, tips, and suggestions.

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Updated January 2023

How to make money as a music producer: 12 effective ways

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