The best Bachata dancers ever (with videos)

Many people like Bachata not just as a simple social dance but also as an artistic performance because of its intimate and sensuous movements, which are known across the world. And none are better at dancing Bachata than these well-known Bachata dancers.

Each dancer not only excels in Bachata in general but also specializes in a particular Bachata style. Regardless of your preferences, you can rely on these artists to put on a fantastic performance! Let’s see together in this article which are the best Bachata dancers ever.

The best Bachata dancers - Couples

Daniel and Desiree

The two are natives of Seville, a lively, sunny city in Spain's Andalusia region, a region with a diverse culture that is renowned for its flamenco dances as well as its cuisine, climate, and architectural styles.

But the two have quite different professional backgrounds. Initially trained in hip-hop, Daniel Sanchez eventually switched to Latin dancing. Desirée Guidonet, in contrast, got things going nearly straight away with salsa. In 2009, she turned pro in Latin dancing.

Their music is sensuous Bachata with a lot of their own original modern twists and inventive creations. Each performance is made distinctive and entertaining by them from start to finish.

Alex Morel and Desiree Godsell

Alex Morel was raised in Paterson, New Jersey, but was born in Domingo, Dominican Republic. He is a talented Bachata dancer who is renowned for his elegant technique. He claims that his musical versatility is the reason for this; because he enjoys music of many genres, he can rock out to any song.

Houston, Texas, is the city of birth of his partner, Desiree Godsell. She received a degree from the High School of Performing and Visual Arts, laying the groundwork for a long career in the performing arts. She has been choreographing and dancing since the very beginning of her artistic career.

The Bachata Classica movement, also known as traditional or Dominican-style Bachata, is most prominently led by Alex Morel and Desiree Godsell. These are undoubtedly the professional Bachata dancers to see if you're looking for authentic Bachata performances.

Ataca and La Alemana

Jorge Burgos and Tanja Kensinger go by the stage names Ataca and La Alemana. Since Jorge "Ataca" Burgos is of Puerto Rican origin, dance is in his genetic makeup. Although he started dancing as a youngster, he didn't begin performing professionally until 2006.

Tanja "La Alemana" Kensinger, his partner, was born in Germany. In 1996, she moved to the US with her family. Tanja first experimented with Latin dance in 2005 and has since become a prominent participant in the scene.

The two deny adhering to any "mainstream" Bachata genre, such as Bachata moderna or dominican Bachata. Instead, they practice a unique form known as Touch Bachata. In essence, it combines Bachata with their unique spins and dances.

The couple is unquestionably among the most well-known Bachata dancers and instructors in the world, in addition to being performers.

Gaby Equiz and Sergio Jasso

Gabriela 'Gaby' Equiz-Jasso started formal dance instruction at the age of 4, having already demonstrated her skill. In some of the most famous dance schools in Mexico City, Tijuana, and subsequently Los Angeles, she learned flamenco and classical ballet.

She didn't begin to attend auditions for backup dancers for stars like Britney Spears until she immigrated to the US and settled in LA. Additionally, it was about this time that she fell in love with salsa and Latin dance.

Sergio Jasso, her partner, is a native of Mexico City. When he was young, he began to listen to Latin dance music, such as cumbia and salsa, and he also showed skill in music and dancing. In 2000, Sergio relocated to San Diego, California, where he created his own salsa dance technique.

Sergio and Gaby founded “Alma Latina”, their own dance group, in 2006. Due to their superb performances and distinctive aesthetics, the group and the couple quickly attracted attention on a global scale.

The best Bachata dancer

Alien Ramirez

With a whopping 25 victories in the World Latin Dance Championship, Alien Ramirez may be the most accomplished dancer on this list. She is also a renowned dance teacher.

Ramirez started dancing at the age of 4 and was born in Bayamo, Cuba. She received her professional training at the esteemed EIA (Escuela de Instructores de Arte). There, Ramirez honed her dancing abilities and displayed her aptitude in Bachata, ballet, jazz, flamenco, gymnastics, and numerous Latin dances.

Ramirez is without a doubt recognizable everywhere for her talents and versatility, given her broad background. No dancing genre or technique seems beyond her ability to master.

Frank Santos

It may be stated that because he was born in the Dominican Republic, the Bachata's country of origin, the dance was ingrained in him from infancy. With amazing skill, Frank Santos learned the Bachata from his grandfather when he was just 3 years old. He eventually relocated to Italy, where he kept honing his passion for and talent for dance.

Frank mixed traditional Dominican Bachata with contemporary dances by drawing on his skill and experience as a professional dancer. He developed a distinctive style as a result, which made the public and dance fans aware of him.

Jorge Elizondo

The greatest Bachata dancer of all time is most likely Jorge Elizondo, popularly known as Bachata Jorge. He was raised in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, where he was born. This location is unique since it is the meeting point of three different cultures: American, Caribbean, and Mexican.

With knowledge in music theory and Latin dance, Jorge created Bachata Fusion amid the cultural melting pot of the Rio Grande Valley. In essence, it is a brand-new kind of dance that unifies the most appealing traits and steps of well-known Latin dances. Salsa, Bachata, Tango, Cha Cha, and many more dances provide inspiration for Jorge.

Carlos Cinta

Although Carlos Cinta was born in San Francisco, he eventually moved to Chicago with his family. Carlos asserts that the intensity and sensuality of the Bachata dance immediately captivated him when he first saw it performed at a club.

Carlos started to dance and immediately discovered that, despite the dance seeming thrilling, its fundamental structure was actually rather boring. He made up some new, bizarre motions to add some diversity to the dance.

Rodney ‘Rodchata’ Aquino

There aren't many people on the West Coast who have the same impact as Rodchata. After all, he was in charge of organizing the country's first international Bachata festivals (the Reno Bachata Festival and the San Francisco Bachata Festival).

He claims that Bachata was something he originally heard on the East Coast in the 1990s. Rodney has since made it his mission to bring the excitement and vigor of this Latin dance to every region of the nation and beyond.

The best Bachata dancers - Conclusion

Whether you're looking for a stunning show to witness or practice material to learn the dance yourself, the performances of these most well-known Bachata dancers may meet all of your demands for a respectable Bachata performance.

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Updated January 2023

The best Bachata dancers ever (with videos)

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