The best 15 songs about strength and courage

A good song might be comforting when you're going through a tough moment. Music can be a tremendous source of power, whether you need it to stand up for yourself, battle for your relationship, or get over a health issue.

Here are the best 15 songs about courage and strength that can boost your self-esteem and give you the tools you need to get through any obstacles.

Eminem - Lose Yourself

One of the most inspiring songs of the new millennium is this one. It encourages you to seize the chance in front of you without thinking twice. Your knees may feel weak, your arms may feel heavy, and your palms may be sweating. However, these shouldn't prevent you from obtaining your goals.

Skepta - Hold On

Hold On by Skepta will assist you in using courage to discover the drive you need in life, much like the majority of the bravery-themed songs on this list. You will learn from the song to never give up because you are invincible.

Journey - Don’t Stop Believin’

The power of positive thinking and a positive mental attitude is immense. Your likelihood of succeeding increases when you think you can achieve anything. But if you don't have confidence in yourself, you'll continue to struggle with your issues.

Queen - We Are The Champions

This song might make a great victory anthem for those who have triumphed. But you'll eventually discover that the song is inspirational. It inspires you to keep fighting through your suffering and challenges in life without ever giving up.

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out

One of the greatest hit songs of all time is this one. It is an incredibly uplifting song that will help you learn to let go of your regrets and go on. The protagonists claim that you can't dance with the devil on your back unless you shake him off, and they are correct.

Sia Ft. Kendrick Lamar - The Greatest

You can find your independence and never stop pursuing your aspirations with the aid of this magnificent music. Every morning when you first get out of bed, visualize who you want to become. But in order to do that successfully every day, you must be courageous and confident. You can improve your life concentration by listening to this music.

Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive

This song gives women the confidence to continue their lives after a breakup. The protagonist claims that despite her fear, she is able to continue because she has a strong feeling of bravery. It also has a lovely song about battling in it.

Bob Marley & the Wailers - Get Up, Stand Up’

In this passage, Bob Marley exhorts his listeners to abandon organized religion ("great God will come from the sky, take away everything, and make everyone feel high") and to begin enjoying their lives now.

Aerosmith - Dream On

Every one of us has a dream and aspires to be someone. This 1973 iconic rock song exhorts you to muster the strength to aggressively pursue your goals so that you can pass away happily. Keep trying to improve yourself. Move ahead.

Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire

As she overcomes life's setbacks, the mission-driven girl in this international 2012 R&B smash is a force to be reckoned with. She is on fire, driven to succeed, and she is moving forward in the pursuit of her goals with courage and inner power. She won't let anything stand in the way of achieving her goals.

Elton John - I'm Still Standing

The narrator in this global rock smash song from 1983 is completely winning. Despite being dumped by a vindictive ex-lover, Elton John proves that he has the self-assurance, fortitude, and guts to move on. This guy is doing better than ever because he is demonstrating that he is a true survivor, as opposed to wallowing in remorse and self-pity.

Mariah Carey - Hero

Mariah Carey exhorts us to search within and be brave when hope is in limited supply in this uplifting 1993 pop ballad that is regarded as her hallmark song. By doing this, we will develop the fortitude and ingenuity needed to face and overcome any obstacles. Each of us is a hero.

Destiny’s Child - Survivor

You survived, right? Can you choose to be one consciously today? Both questions have a single right response, which is yes. The song "Survivor" is about recovering strength following a breakup or a big loss.

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

The ideal music to listen to on a dreary day is "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift if you need a confidence booster. In this song, Taylor reaffirms her resolve to move on despite the animosity of her detractors or the attention of her opponents.

The Beatles - Let It Be

Accepting what we can't alter is frequently a necessary step in recovering from disease. It's crucial to "Let It Be" when there is nothing you can do while you are waging the fight.


Nobody always acts bravely. Everybody has self-doubt occasionally when fear overwhelms them. However, finding the strength to continue moving forward despite all of your worries is where true bravery lies, and music can help with this.

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The best 15 songs about strength and courage

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