What to wear to pride, best tips and ideas (updated 2024)

Written By: CalypsoRoom Editorial Team - March 2024

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Table of content

1. Introduction
2. What to Wear to Pride: Ideas for Women
3. What to Wear to Pride: Ideas for Men
4. Accessorize for Pride: Elevate Your Look
5. Conclusion
6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

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What to wear to pride, best tips and ideas (updated 2024) - Introduction

At the heart of every Pride celebration lies the vibrant display of self-expression and inclusivity.

These events are not just about showing support for the LGBTQ+ community but also about individuals embracing their true selves in the most colorful and joyous ways possible.

Through the years, Pride has evolved into a powerful platform for visibility, advocacy, and community solidarity.

Choosing what to wear to Pride, therefore, becomes more than just picking out an outfit—it's about making a statement, celebrating identity, and fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome and celebrated for who they are.

What to Wear to Pride: Ideas for Women

Let's dive into some of the most eye-catching, comfortable, and celebratory outfit ideas for women this Pride.

High Waisted Tassel Shorts

These shorts are a perfect blend of comfort and statement-making style, ideal for the vibrant energy of Pride parades and festivities.

The high-waisted design offers a flattering fit, while the playful tassels add a fun, festive flair that's perfect for dancing your way through the day.

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Pair these with a simple tank top or a bold, printed crop top to complete your look.

High Waisted Tassel Shorts

High Waisted Tassel Shorts - Image Source:

Rainbow Striped Bodysuit

This bodysuit is a celebration of color and comfort in one.

Featuring vibrant rainbow stripes, it's a versatile piece that can be styled in numerous ways, from casual shorts to high-waisted skirts, making it a Pride staple.

Its snug fit ensures you feel confident and free to express yourself, embodying the spirit of Pride with every step.

Rainbow Striped Bodysuit

Rainbow Striped Bodysuit - Image Source:

Rainbow Crochet Knit Bathing Suit Cover

Embrace the beach vibes at Pride with this crochet knit bathing suit cover. Its rainbow design is both striking and stylish, offering a unique way to celebrate love and freedom.

Whether you're at a beach party or just enjoying the festivities, this piece is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of whimsy to their Pride look.

Rainbow Crochet Knit Bathing Suit Cover

Rainbow Crochet Knit Bathing Suit Cover - Image Source:

Metallic Stretchy Flared Skater Skirt

Shine bright at Pride with this metallic skater skirt.

Its flared design is flattering for all body types, and the metallic finish adds an extra layer of fun to your outfit.

Pair it with a graphic tee or a sleek bodysuit to create a look that's as dynamic as the Pride parade itself.

Metallic Stretchy Flared Skater Skirt

Metallic Stretchy Flared Skater Skirt - Image Source:

Rainbow Tights

These rainbow tights are a fun and easy way to add color to your Pride ensemble.

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Perfect for layering under shorts or skirts, they offer both warmth and style.

The vibrant stripes are a nod to the Pride flag, symbolizing unity and diversity in a fashionable way.

Rainbow Tights

Rainbow Tights - Image Source:

Chiffon Floral Kimono

For those looking for a more subdued yet stylish option, this chiffon floral kimono is perfect.

It can be draped over any outfit for an added layer of elegance and sophistication.

The lightweight material ensures comfort throughout the day, making it ideal for sunny Pride parades or evening events.

Chiffon Floral Kimono

Chiffon Floral Kimono - Image Source:

What to Wear to Pride: Ideas for Men

For men looking to express themselves and support the LGBTQ+ community, the right outfit can amplify their message and showcase their individuality.

From sparkling sequins that catch the light to psychedelic patterns that speak volumes, this selection offers diverse options to make a statement at any Pride event.

Metallic Nightclub Shirt

Make a dazzling entrance at Pride with this shimmering metallic shirt that reflects your spirit and energy.

Its eye-catching design not only stands out in the crowd but also symbolizes the celebration of diversity and freedom.

Perfect for those who want to express themselves boldly, this shirt pairs well with simple trousers or shorts to balance the look, making you the star of any Pride event.

Metallic Nightclub Shirt

Metallic Nightclub Shirt - Image Source:

Sequin Sleeveless Top

Sparkle and shine with this sequin sleeveless top, a perfect statement piece for Pride parades or parties.

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The sequins catch the light beautifully, ensuring you're not just seen but remembered.

It's comfortable, stylish, and ideal for dancing under the sun or stars, embodying the festive spirit of Pride.

Sequin Sleeveless Top

Sequin Sleeveless Top - Image Source:

Striped Hollow Out Tee

Embrace a playful yet stylish look with this striped hollow-out tee.

It combines comfort with a unique design, featuring vibrant colors and a breezy feel that's perfect for a day of celebration.

This top is a great way to show your support and pride, all while keeping cool and fashionable.

Striped Hollow Out Tee

Striped Hollow Out Tee - Image Source:

Rainbow Reflective Trousers

Light up the night with these rainbow reflective trousers, ideal for evening events.

Their unique material reflects light, creating a stunning rainbow effect that captures the essence of Pride.

Pair these with a simple black or white top to let the trousers shine as a symbol of hope and diversity.

Rainbow Reflective Trousers

Rainbow Reflective Trousers - Image Source:

Metallic Trousers

These trousers are perfect for those who want to combine comfort with flashy style.

The metallic finish and vibrant colors offer a modern twist on traditional Pride attire, making you stand out in the best way possible.

They're versatile enough to pair with a variety of tops, ensuring you can express your style and Pride spirit.

Metallic Trousers

Metallic Trousers - Image Source:

Running Shorts with Rainbow Zippered Pockets

For a more casual and sporty Pride look, these running shorts are perfect.

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The rainbow zippered pockets add a subtle yet meaningful nod to Pride, blending functionality with style.

Whether you're participating in a Pride run or just enjoying the festivities, these shorts offer comfort, style, and a celebration of love in every step.

Running Shorts with Rainbow Zippered Pockets

Running Shorts with Rainbow Zippered Pockets - Image Source:

Accessorize for Pride: Elevate Your Look

As you gear up for Pride celebrations, choosing the right accessories can elevate your outfit from great to unforgettable.

Whether you're marching under the bright sun, dancing through the streets, or simply showing your support, these carefully selected items blend style, symbolism, and practicality.

Unisex Pride Captain Hat

Steer your Pride ensemble in a stylish direction with this eye-catching Captain Hat, adorned with rainbow detailing.

Not only does it serve as a bold statement piece, but its adjustable design ensures a comfortable fit for everyone.

Perfect for leading your crew with pride and confidence, this hat is an essential accessory for any parade or party, inviting admiration and signaling your support for LGBTQ+ rights.

Unisex Pride Captain Hat

Unisex Pride Captain Hat - Image Source:

Colorful Folding Hand Fan

Beat the heat and stay fabulous with this vibrant, colorful folding hand fan.

Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry, ensuring you remain cool while making a visual statement.

Whether you're dancing in a crowd or enjoying a sunny parade, this fan is a practical and stylish addition to your Pride gear, reflecting the spirit of the celebration with every wave.

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Colorful Folding Hand Fan

Colorful Folding Hand Fan - Image Source:

Rimless Rainbow Sunglasses

Protect your eyes in style with these chic rimless rainbow sunglasses.

Their frameless design and transparent, colorful lenses offer a modern twist on a classic accessory, ensuring you stand out.

Perfect for sunny outdoor events, these sunglasses are a must-have to complete any Pride look, combining fashion with function.

Rimless Rainbow Sunglasses

Rimless Rainbow Sunglasses - Image Source:

Rainbow Mesh Top

Dare to be bold with this striking rainbow mesh top, perfect for layering over a tank or bralette.

Its sheer material and vibrant stripes celebrate diversity and freedom, making it a standout piece for any Pride outfit.

Wear it to express yourself, embrace individuality, and make a statement of inclusion and love.

Rainbow Mesh Top

Rainbow Mesh Top - Image Source:

Rainbow Suspenders with Drink Holder

Add a fun and functional touch to your Pride outfit with these rainbow suspenders, featuring a convenient drink holder.

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They're not just a nod to the rainbow flag but also ensure you stay hydrated throughout the festivities.

Ideal for those who want to keep their hands free and their spirits high, these suspenders are a blend of utility and celebration.

Rainbow Suspenders with Drink Holder

Rainbow Suspenders with Drink Holder - Image Source:

Holographic Fanny Pack

Keep your essentials secure and add a futuristic touch to your Pride look with this holographic fanny pack.

Its adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit, while the shimmering design catches the light and eyes.

This fanny pack is perfect for anyone looking to combine convenience with a dazzling statement.

Holographic Fanny Pack

Holographic Fanny Pack - Image Source:

Holographic Glitter for Face, Body & Hair

Sparkle from head to toe with this versatile holographic glitter, perfect for adding a magical touch to your Pride ensemble.

Safe for face, body, and hair, this glitter lets you customize your look, whether you're aiming for a subtle shimmer or a full-on glam effect.

Embrace the sparkle and let your pride shine brightly.

Holographic Glitter for Face, Body & Hair

Holographic Glitter for Face, Body & Hair - Image Source:

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What to Wear to Pride - Conclusion

As the vibrant hues of Pride wash over cities worldwide, the essence of what it means to participate in these celebrations crystallizes into a beautiful display of self-expression, solidarity, and joy.

From the flamboyant outfits that mirror the rainbow's spectrum to the thoughtful accessories that add layers of meaning to every ensemble, "What to Wear to Pride" guides us through an array of ideas tailored for everyone under the sun.

Whether you choose to dazzle in metallics, embrace the comfort of breathable fabrics, or adorn yourself with symbols of love and freedom, your Pride attire is more than just clothing—it's a statement of who you are and what you stand for.

As we conclude, remember that at Pride, every color shines brightly, every voice matters, and every outfit tells a story.

So, dress in whatever makes your heart swell with pride and step into the celebrations ready to embody the beauty of being your most authentic self.

Thanks for reading,
The CalypsoRoom Team

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is a Pride Event?

Pride events are celebrations held in June, where LGBTQIA+ people and their allies come together to march, celebrate their gender identities, and enjoy a sense of community. These events serve as a platform for visibility, advocacy, and solidarity (Middlebury Pride).

Who can attend Pride?

Everyone is welcome at Pride events, including queer individuals and their allies. It's a space for celebration and support, where respect and kindness are paramount, regardless of whether one identifies as LGBTQ+ or not (Middlebury Pride).

What should I wear to Pride?

The most important aspect is to express yourself authentically and comfortably. There are no strict dress codes, allowing you to showcase your personal style, whether it's through vibrant colors, bold prints, or whatever makes you feel good. The key is to embrace who you are and enjoy the supportive atmosphere around you (Middlebury Pride).

Can I celebrate Pride without being openly out?

Absolutely. Pride is about being in a safe and affirming environment. Whether you're out, still in the closet, or questioning, you're encouraged to celebrate in a way that feels right for you. It's a time for solidarity, love, and acceptance for all identities (Middlebury Pride).

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Updated March 2024

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