11 XXXTentacion best songs (with videos)

Written By: CalypsoRoom Editorial Team - April 2024

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Table of content

1. Introduction
2. Arms Around You
3. Carry On
4. Yung Bratz
5. Jocelyn Flores
6. Sad!
7. Moonlight
8. Fuck Love
9. Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares
10. Changes
11. Look at Me
12. King of the Dead
13. Conclusion
14. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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11 XXXTentacion best songs (with videos) - Introduction

XXXTentacion, a name that resonates with profound influence in the world of modern music, left an indelible mark with his eclectic style and emotionally charged lyrics.

From gripping tales of personal struggles to anthems of rebellious spirit, his music spans a spectrum that touches on both vulnerability and bravado.

This article explores 11 of his best songs that not only highlight his versatility as an artist but also offer a window into the complex tapestry of his life and career.

Each track, accompanied by a video, provides a deeper understanding of the themes that XXXTentacion navigated through his lyrics and melodies.

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Arms Around You

XXXTentacion released this song in 2018 following his passing. Lil Pump, Swae Lee, and Maluma all contribute vocals to it.

With a reggaeton beat and guitar riffs, the song is a pop tune with Latin influences.

It's all about how much they want to hold and care for their spouses out of love and devotion.

The track's lyrics emphasize protection and support as central themes, reflecting a desire to provide emotional shelter to their loved ones.

"Arms Around You" brings together diverse musical styles and cultures, showcasing the artists' versatility and collective appeal.

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Carry On

This is the third song of XXXTentacion's 2017 debut studio album 17.

With guitar and vocals, it's a gentle acoustic tune. It talks about how XXXTentacion struggles with loneliness and despair and how he tries to hide his troubles by seeming normal.

He also sings of his lack of confidence in God and his suicidal ideas.

The song serves as a poignant reflection of his inner turmoil, offering listeners a raw and intimate glimpse into his emotional state.

Through its minimalist composition, "Carry On" highlights the power of simplicity in conveying deep, complex feelings.

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Yung Bratz

XXXTentacion released this track in 2016. It's an intense, hard-hitting rap song featuring distorted vocals and a trap beat.

It talks about how he doesn't care about the law or other people, leading a violent and rebellious life.

In addition, he boasts of his renown, fortune, and ability to control and terrify his opponents.

The aggressive lyrics and raw energy of "Yung Bratz" echo the defiance and chaos that characterized much of XXXTentacion's early music career.

This track has become a cult favorite among fans, celebrated for its boldness and uncompromising attitude.

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Jocelyn Flores

The second song of XXXTentacion's 2017 debut studio album, 17, is this one. The hook is sung by Shiloh Dynasty on the vocals.

The song is a depressing and poignant way for him to convey his regret and grief about his friend Jocelyn Flores' suicide in 2017.

She was a model and aspiring photographer who had travelled to Florida to see XXXTentacion after meeting him online.

However, she was depressed and anxious, and she ended her life in a hotel room. The song uses a guitar loop from the Shiloh Dynasty and a sample of her voice from a recording she supplied him.

The song has been streamed over a billion times on Spotify and peaked at number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

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2018 saw the release of XXXTentacion's second studio album, which features this lead single.

One of XXXTentacion's most popular and well-known tracks, it peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart following his passing.

With guitar chords and a trap beat, it's a catchy and melodic song. It talks about how his breakup with Geneva Ayala has left him feeling suicidal and depressed.

In addition, he discusses his notoriety and how he believes the public misunderstands him.

The emotional depth of the song is accentuated by its introspective lyrics, which explore the themes of heartache and existential despair, resonating deeply with listeners around the globe.

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Released in 2018, this is the second song from XXXTentacion's second studio album. The song has a trap beat and synth melodies, making it catchy and energetic.

It talks about how famous and carefree XXXTentacion is, and how much fun he has going out and partying with his friends and girlfriends.

He also talks about how much he still thinks about Geneva Ayala, his ex-girlfriend.

A posthumous music video featuring him grinning and dancing in a pitch-black wilderness followed the song.

This juxtaposition of light-hearted revelry with deeper, reflective moments in the lyrics offers listeners a complex portrait of his life's contrasts.

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Fuck Love

This is the eighth song of XXXTentacion's 2017 first studio album, 17. Trippie Redd, a buddy and fellow rapper, contributes vocals for the chorus.

The acoustic guitar and piano chords of the song are melancholic and sour. It talks about how XXXTentacion feels upset and deceived by Geneva Ayala after their breakup.

In his songs, he expresses his desire for drugs and sex as his only means of coping with the anguish and his desire to no longer love.

The raw vulnerability of the lyrics combined with the subdued instrumentals effectively conveys the intensity of his emotional pain, resonating with listeners who have faced similar struggles in their own lives.

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Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares

From XXXTentacion's 2017 debut album, 17, this is one of the most well-known and the fourth song.

Shiloh Dynasty provides the hook's voice on it. With a lo-fi beat and distorted voices, the song is brief and ominous.

It speaks to XXXTentacion's feelings of helplessness and isolation as well as his battles with depression and suicide thoughts.

He also brings up Jocelyn Flores, a friend of his who took her own life in 2017.

The track uses minimalist production to emphasize the poignant and introspective content, allowing listeners to deeply connect with the raw emotions and personal struggles conveyed in the lyrics.

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Released in 2018, XXXTentacion's second studio album features two lead singles, one of which is this one.

The bridge of the song is sung by his friend and fellow rapper PnB Rock. The song features minimal drumming and piano chords, making it a slow and sad ballad.

It concerns XXXTentacion's tumultuous relationship with Geneva Ayala, his ex-girlfriend, who has accused him of domestic abuse.

He sings of how she changed and abandoned him, and how the loneliness and pain are too much for him to handle.

The emotional weight of the song is amplified by its sparse instrumentation, which underscores the profound sense of abandonment and grief expressed in the lyrics.

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Look at Me

This song, which was first released as a single in 2016 and then appeared on his debut mixtape, Revenge, is what made XXXTentacion famous.

It's an intense, hard-hitting rap song with loud voices and distorted bass. It tells the story of his sexual adventures, rebellious attitude, and ascent to prominence.

The song's harsh and violent lyrics, along with the claim that producer Rojas sampled a beat without authorization, caused controversy as well.

Following unfounded rumours that Drake had appropriated the song's flow for his song "KMT," the song went viral.

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King of the Dead

This song is from the 2015 release of Members Only Vol. 1, XXXTentacion and Nyora Spouse's joint mixtape.

It includes a TokyoGhoul anime sample in addition to the rappers' own vocals. With a powerful bassline and distorted vocals, the song is a dark and dramatic rap track.

It has to do with their attitude of violence and rebellion, their lack of fear of anyone or death.

Aside from that, they challenge everyone who disagrees with them, claiming to be the rulers of the underground rap scene.

The track's intense and aggressive tone captures the defiant spirit of the artists, positioning them as unyielding figures in the face of adversity and criticism within the hip-hop community.

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XXXTentacion best songs - Conclusion

Exploring XXXTentacion’s top tracks reveals more than just the layers of his musical talent; it opens up a dialogue about the emotional and transformative power of music.

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Here, music lovers can engage in deep, personal interactions with others who share their musical passions.

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The CalypsoRoom Team

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are XXXTentacion's songs so impactful?

XXXTentacion's music often delves into deep and personal themes such as mental health struggles, heartache, and resilience, connecting profoundly with listeners who have faced similar challenges. His raw and honest lyrical content, combined with his unique blend of genres, has left a lasting impact on his fans and the music community.

How did XXXTentacion influence the music industry?

XXXTentacion is credited with shaping the sound of a new generation through his innovative blend of musical styles, including emo-rap, trap, and punk rock. His ability to cross over different genres helped redefine what modern hip-hop and music could embody, influencing countless artists and shaping emerging musical trends.

What themes are commonly explored in XXXTentacion's music?

XXXTentacion's tracks often explore themes of depression, introspection, and personal turmoil. His music serves as a raw expression of his struggles and triumphs, resonating with listeners who find solace in his candidness and vulnerability.

How did XXXTentacion's background influence his music?

Raised in a challenging environment, XXXTentacion's music was deeply influenced by his personal experiences, including his battles with mental health and the legal system. This background infused his songs with an authenticity and emotional depth that appealed to a broad audience, allowing him to voice the complexities of his existence through his art.

Why do fans find XXXTentacion's music relatable?

Fans find XXXTentacion's music relatable because it articulates complex emotional experiences that are often difficult to express. His openness about his flaws and hardships offers a sense of companionship to listeners, making his music a refuge for those dealing with their own personal issues.

When did XXXTentacion achieve mainstream success?

XXXTentacion achieved mainstream success with his 2017 album "17" and the hit single "Look at Me," which virally spread through social media and streaming platforms. His music continued to gain traction rapidly, cementing his place in the music industry by the time of his tragic death in 2018.

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Updated April 2024

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