How much does it cost to make a music video?

A high-quality music video might cost anything from $2K to $50K. Spending roughly $5K is reasonable if you want to hire a professional director and a small team.

However, you can create a fantastic music video without spending nearly as much money if you put enough effort and imagination into it.

For musicians, creating a music video is a crucial experience. A fantastic music video may attract new listeners and assist your audience in experiencing your artistic vision.

However, the price of making a music video could seem exorbitant, especially for independent performers.

In order for you to comprehend the entire process and have an idea of how much a music video may cost, we'll reveal the music video production process in more detail below. Let’s start!

Things to think about when creating a budget for a music video


A team of writers, directors, and designers that work for certain video production businesses may generate and storyboard a variety of creative possibilities for you to pick from. That obviously costs money.

Some artists just want assistance in turning their creative ideas into motion pictures.

In any case, a fantastic idea is the foundation of a brilliant music video. If you're not capable of coming up with a game-changing idea on your own, you'd best find someone who is.



Many creative individuals are needed to create a superb music video. Usually, seven to ten production personnel are needed for a shot. These individuals are paid on a daily basis, so the project must be well managed to prevent huge costs.

Does your idea need dancers, actors, or a big cast? They need to be cast, trained, and paid for by someone. Although they are pleasant, volunteers are frequently untrustworthy.


There are many professional choices available, including lighting sets, 4K camera packages, and other incredible production tools.

But renting, maintaining, powering, and insuring this gear all costs money. Better equipment yields better results, which raises the cost.


Location and wardrobe

These elements decide how your video will look, and their significance for the overall effect of the finished project cannot be underestimated. Good locations can be expensive and sometimes need some sort of connection.

When using someone else’s property, you might need to bring in cars for the setting, transport for the team, insurance, lights, generators, damage waivers, construction, and cleanup.

In order to give a film a uniform and stylish appearance, props, clothes, and the stylists who put it all together, are necessary.

Editing and post-production

The intricacy of the idea, the demand for special effects, the quantity of cameras, the lighting setup, the amount of material captured, and synchronization problems all affect editing expenses.

Depending on how intricate the project is, the post-production stage of a music video might last weeks. Create a budget and plan appropriately.


The cast and crew must eat while filming. Physical and mental endurance are needed for a (minimum) 10-hour shoot. The squad will perform worse if they are not nourished frequently.

This is frequently forgotten while considering how to create a music video.


Costs associated with making a music video

Please note that the below data is only a general idea because these expenses are quite variable. By locating less expensive (or even free) options on the market, you may significantly reduce the cost of making a music video.

Production costs estimation

- Producer: $300 — $1000/day
- Director: $200 — $900/day
- Camera operator: $500–1000/day
- Actors: $100 — $1000/day (each)
- Wardrobe: estimated $10 — $500/day per actor
- Food: $10 — $40/ day per person
- Camera equipment rental: $800 — $2000/day
- Key grip + assistant + lighting gear: $900 — $1500/day
- Location fees and rentals: $200 — $2000+/day
- City permits: $50 — $900/day

Post-production costs estimation

- Editor: $300 — $1000/day
- Visual effects: $50 — $100/hour
- Colorist: $50 — $100/hour

Time is of the essence because the great majority of expenses related to making a music video are billed per day or even per hour. It's crucial to have a well-thought-out strategy before beginning production, so be sure to rely on an experienced producer and be clear about your vision for your music video.

How to reduce music video costs

Ask your friends to help you out

It makes sense that during the pre-production, recording, and post-production stages, you would need to ask for some favors from your closest friends.

Make friends with those who work in the film business; at the very least, they can provide other professionals with great recommendations and advice.

Ask your friends to help you out

Go for low-priced equipment

Equipment is frequently the least significant component of the finished output. Your art will stand out if you have a great idea and a fantastic team. Avoid renting the most costly piece of equipment you can locate. There's a good chance that nobody else will notice.

Do it yourself

A music video doesn't require a large budget to make a statement or provide an eye-catching image for your song. Consider whether you can handle a shoot on your own terms before pushing forward with an expensive session.

(Here are some helpful suggestions for creating a music video on a budget.

Low budget music video examples

Lil Dicky - “$ave Dat Money”

Employed the concept of saving money on the creation of a music video as the narrative for a music video, and the outcome was both entertaining, inventive, and, most importantly, highly economical.

Death Grips - “Double Helix”

Is a music video that relies only on MC Ride's charm and a straightforward but compelling concept.

OK Go - “Here It Goes Again”

The only equipment needed to create "Here It Goes Again" was an empty room and six treadmills, excluding the hours the band spent choreographing and practicing the video.

How much does it cost to make a music video - Conclusion

Although expensive, professional music videos may significantly advance a musician's career. You may help grow your business with the assistance of a strong music video for a catchy song.

Additionally, since a musician has access to other resources as well, you can always rely on your inventiveness and diligence to produce a DIY music video that is successful.

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Updated January 2023

How much does it cost to make a music video?

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