How to get good at freestyling: 8 recommendations for beginners

Whether your rap career is just getting started or you've been around for a while, we're sure you'll agree that honing your technique is no simple undertaking. You'll need to practice not only having a razor-sharp delivery but also being able to think of great freestyle lines on the spot.

Even some of the most musically gifted people in the world struggle to master freestyle rap since it is such a difficult genre to master on your own.

However, by following these eight recommendations, you may improve your spontaneity, improvisation, and flow when freestyling.

We have all the greatest advice for gaining confidence on the mic, from simple research to rehearsing in front of friends and concentrating on your flow.

Determine your beat

You'll be inspired and your creative process will change thanks to a superb beat. It's simpler than you might imagine to simply find a beat without any words that can play continuously.

Start with a verse that rhymes if you already have one written, or try coming up with fresh rhymes while you listen to the beat. Repeat it several times until you begin to understand how your flow fits into the song's cadence.

Finding the perfect music to practice freestyle rapping, though, will take some time. Find a piece of music with a four-four time signature and start with the downbeat; this will make the downbeat at the start of each measure strong and help you stay on track.

Determine your beat

Listen to lots of freestyling

Compared to the tunes you've been listening to, unwritten freestyle raps from straight off the dome will likely be a little rougher and less polished, but they can also be more spontaneous and exciting. Freestyle has a distinct feel, and watching other rappers freestyle is an effective way to pick up tips and tactics.

Listen to lots of freestyling

If your town hosts live battles or hip-hop freestyle tournaments, check them out. Additionally, it might be a useful tool to network with and meet other aspiring rhymers.

Describe the environment you're in

Use your circumstances to your advantage and rap about anything—what you see, how you feel, who you are with, etc. This is a terrific way to come up with a theme when you are just practicing.

In particular, if you know them well, you should take advantage of your friends and make mention of them. In addition to increasing interest in what you're rapping about, it will undoubtedly draw a crowd.

Poetry and freestyle hip-hop have more in common than you might imagine. You're not just rapping when you use similes, descriptions, visuals, and, of course, rhymes; you're also writing poetry.

Backup rhymes

Rappers frequently make mistakes when freestyling because they are unable to come up with rhymes quickly enough. Having backup rhymes you can use that you have already written and learned is a wonderful strategy to keep your freestyles rolling.

They might be quite basic. Even tiny sentences that you use in your songs or freestyles can become catchphrases. Then, you can use one of your backup rhymes to continue your flow if you find yourself stuck without a plan for your next bar.

By using a rhyming dictionary like RhymeWave, which was created by rappers for rappers, you may start to build list of rhymes, right away.

You'll use them far more frequently, and they won't stand out as much if you make sure they are sufficiently general to be applied to any freestyle topic.

Be yourself

Try not to imitate your favorite rapper; find your personal style instead, and stick to it!

One of the best things you can do when learning is to stick to your own personal style. By doing so, you will be able to choose the best style for your flow and get rid of the temptation to imitate those you have read about and admired.

Be yourself

Don't push yourself too much

The best strategy is to start out simply while learning something new. By beginning with a straightforward and easy task, you can test the waters before overloading yourself with difficult rhyming or a fast beat. No matter how basic you start, freestyle rap is always freestyle rap.

No matter how foolish you may feel or how difficult it may be, your major goal when learning how to freestyle should be to keep up your rap flow. Continue speaking even if you stammer, chuckle, or can't rhyme.

As long as you keep going, no matter what, you will eventually improve with each practice. Having the rhyme ready in your thoughts before you start is a wonderful way to keep the flow going.

Practice with your friends

Your pals will always be honest with you, which is a perfect way to be somewhat at ease while stepping outside of your comfort zone.

It's crucial to have an audience to put pressure on your rhymes and flow. You can practice rapping in front of an audience with the help of your best friends, who will keep you on your toes.

Practice with your friends

Write rhymes down

Raps and rhymes become more familiar to you the more you write them. While you create rhymes, practice creating numerous versions of the same rhymed words. These rhyme groups will be useful to you when you start free-styling because they will make it easier for you to come up with ideas rapidly.

Write rhymes down

If what you're writing isn't "rap," don't worry about it. Developing solid writing and journaling habits will keep your mind focused on grammar and composition, which is something you'll need to master rapidly if you want to freestyle.


Even though the basic idea of learning how to freestyle rap for beginners is improvisation, writing down raps will help you learn, practice, and improve. You will develop your talent and learn from yourself more as you record more of your raps.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post, and if you'd want more advice for advancing your musical career, please visit our blog area. There, you'll find a lot more helpful articles, tips, and suggestions.

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Updated January 2023

How to get good at freestyling: 8 recommendations for beginners

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