How to rap: best tips for beginners

Rap incorporates elements of speech, writing, poetry, and music into a complex thought web. Listening to the greats, picking up some beats, and honing your own rhymes are all ways to learn how to rap.

It requires a lot of work to develop your writing abilities, which will determine your success as a rapper. Here are a few recommendations for upcoming rappers.

How to rap

Listen to rap all day long

Investigate the many subgenres, look for up-and-coming performers, and play tracks that have gotten favorable reviews. To get a sense of the origins of hip-hop and advance your understanding of the genre, find an artist whose work you enjoy and look back at their influences.

You should be interested in hearing all the different ways that rap and hip-hop have been interpreted throughout the years. Listen to rappers who questioned societal norms and their environment in their songs. Find the finest rappers, whether they are from the 1970s or now, and pay attention to their music.

Listen to rap all day long

Get to know the history of rap

Numerous articles, books, movies, and podcasts cover the history of hip-hop, the emergence of rap as a genre that produces hits, the record labels, studios, and undoubtedly, the individuals (both artists and business people) who helped rap get to where it is today.

You may learn from other artists by thoroughly studying the history of rap, and it will also teach you about what is currently being produced and its origins.

Get to know the history of rap

Emulate the biggest

You wouldn't start by writing your own music if you were going to take up a guitar or a piano to learn those instruments, would you? Record yourself rapping the lyrics to a favorite song by one of your favorite artists repeatedly. Consider what you've done and analyze what works, what doesn't, and the instances in which you managed to sound similar to them.

It could take some time and be tougher than you first expected, but ultimately you'll have a recording that sounds very much like what you adore. Once there, you might be able to better appreciate what it's like to utter those words, create room for a breath, and play at the swift speed certain musicians have selected.

Emulate the biggest

Choose a topic

Get motivated by things. You have to experience life in order to be inspired. And you ought to look to your surroundings for inspiration, and simply write about what you discover, explore, experience, and notice. Do not pretend to be someone or something you are not.

However, if you're telling a story in your rap, it might still be effective even if it didn't personally happen to you. Try to have a concept of what you want to write about before you begin to write. The mood of the beat you're listening to—whether it's dark or shadowy, cheerful, motivating, etc.—usually gives you ideas.

Choose a topic

Write lyrics

Make at least 10 rhymes every day. You may always go back and tweak the rhymes to make them more appealing if you don't like what you've written.

Once you've finally discovered something you like, put them to the test in front of your friends, then ask their opinions. To improve your rhymes, get a rhyming dictionary, and read as much as you can to broaden your vocabulary.

Give your poetry, metaphors, catch phrases, and flows extra consideration. Your flow must match the beat, so practice your timing and make sure you are editing and rewriting your lyrics. Additionally, your speech must be insightful, powerful, or intriguing. Consider how you might present an idea or concept in a fresh, fun, or clever way.

Get rhythm

It takes more than just rhyming words to make a good rap. You must learn to feel the music in your veins if you want to rap. Rapping will feel stiff and forced if your head and body are not engaged and in time with the beat.

Try to mute out the words when you're listening to a rap you like. Just take a moment to listen to the instrumental and see how the words' flow seems to match the beat.

Get rhythm

Get a structure for your songs

Now is the moment to properly structure your rap song. That entails using the phrases you came up with to compose verse and chorus portions. A rap song must have many rap verses.

The majority of rap songs follow this format:

- Intro - Verse 1 - Chorus 1 - Verse 2 - Chorus 2 - Verse 3 - Chorus 3 - Outro

The verses are where you set the song's story or message in context, fully engage the listener, and deliver the message you want the song to convey. The chorus is the rap song's most memorable section, so it has to be catchy. Additionally, this is where you briefly and succinctly describe the overall theme of the song.

Furthermore, you can add some pre-chorus sections that enter just before the chorus sections and boost the enthusiasm there (the chorus is usually the highest level of energy in the song).

Get your beats

Finding beats is simpler than ever these days, and fortunately, you don't need a lot of money to get your hands on a track you'll actually want to work on. For example, you can typically find a wonderful, catchy composition for $25 or $50 on one of the various websites where aspiring producers sell their works.

You can find dozens of businesses that facilitate these sales with a quick Google search, and you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed with choices and suggestions.

Get your beats

How to rap - Conclusion

Strive for constructive feedback, put your skills on display, and practice a lot. Create an online profile and release your music through any of the available independent distributors after you have some high-quality recordings of your rapping. You'll be able to expand your fan base and have more time to focus on what you love most: making music.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post, and if you'd want more career-related guidance, on our blog section, there are many more beneficial articles, advice, and recommendations to be found.

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Updated January 2023

How to rap: best tips for beginners

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