How to memorize lyrics: 8 proven ways that will help you on this

Do you remember the first time you heard a song and loved it? Or, have you ever been performing on stage when all of a sudden you realized you forgot the beginning of the following verse? Now, if you could only find a way to memorize the lyrics so that you can sing along with that song without even thinking about it…

There is nothing more satisfying than singing along with other people who know all of the lyrics to your favorite songs or your own ones. However, learning how to memorize lyrics can be difficult, whether it's because of age or simply being unfamiliar with the process itself.

Luckily for you, though, we have compiled some tips on how to memorize lyrics effectively! So sit back and relax while reading through them.

Make an effort to connect emotionally

One big key to memorizing lyrics is to make an effort to connect emotionally. You have to be aware of what's going on in the song and the context around it, and focus on the meaning behind each lyric.

You should also try to relate it to your own life. For example, if you're struggling with depression or anxiety, a song about overcoming those feelings could be very meaningful for you personally.

Finally, you need to care about what's happening in the lyrics so they'll stick with you longer than just one listen through!

Make an effort to connect emotionally

Use the lyrics to build up a quick film in your head

The next time you’re in the bathroom or on the train, re-read the lyrics out loud to yourself. Try to make a story from them and then try to remember that story! You could use your own experiences in life as inspiration for creating this film reel inside of your head.

This works because using your imagination is one of the best ways for your brain to retain information. If you can imagine a scene or a situation that involves these lyrics, your brain will be able to recall them better than if it had just been reading them off of paper or scrolling through them on your phone.

If there is a rhyme, pay attention to it

A rhyme can be a great tool to help you remember lyrics. The reason for this is that when we hear rhymes, our brains are quick to link things together and make connections between them.

For example, if the first line of a song or poem has the same last syllable as another line in the poem, our brain will be able to notice this connection and use it to learn both parts of the poem more quickly because there is an obvious association between them.

It’s also important not only whether there is rhyme but also how many times it appears throughout your song or poem. If every verse has a rhyming couplet (two lines with matching endings), then it’s much easier for us as humans who love patterns and consistency.

If there is a rhyme, pay attention to it

Get the lyrics printed out and start singing them

If you’re looking for a way to memorize lyrics, then singing is one of your best options. As you sing along to the song, your brain will automatically be forced to process all the information in order to make sense of what it hears. This is a great way for your brain to start connecting words and phrases with their corresponding sounds and meanings.

As soon as possible after learning a new song, get yourself some paper and a pen (or type them out on your computer), then sing along with the tune as many times as possible.

Get the lyrics printed out and start singing them

The whole point here is just getting familiar with those lyrics so that they can stick in your head later on when you need them most like during a live performance.

Pronounce and speak each word and sentence clearly

To help you memorize lyrics, say them slowly and clearly. You should be able to pronounce each word with ease so that others can understand what you're saying. If they don't understand, ask someone else to listen and correct your pronunciation.

You can also use a mirror or video camera to check your pronunciation. Try reading aloud into a tape recorder if that's more comfortable for you—just remember not to ramble!

Some people find it helpful to practice reading the lyrics aloud while simultaneously playing them on a smartphone: this way, you're hearing yourself speak at the same time as listening closely for any errors in pronunciation or intonation.

Pronounce and speak each word and sentence clearly

Repeatedly write down the lyrics

Writing out lyrics can help you recall the words, just like writing out school notes can help you keep the information. Take out a notebook or piece of paper, and write the lyrics down repeatedly until you believe you will remember them. To really commit the words to memory, this can be done several times, with different styles and in different colours, or even in another language.

The idea behind this method is that it forces your brain to keep revisiting the words over and over again until they're stuck in there forever. Visual learners will also recognise the lyrics more easily because they can see it in their own hands.

Play the tune over and over

As often as you can, listen to the song to keep it fresh in your mind. Take advantage of the recording if you're trying to learn the words to a song that has already been recorded!

Play it when you're driving, preparing lunch, or using the treadmill to exercise. You won't be able to forget the lyrics if you surround yourself with the tune.

Play the tune over and over

Research the song meaning

Researching the meaning of a song can help you to memorize it. This is because knowing its meaning will give you more motivation and inspiration. If a song has some deep, meaningful lyrics, then this will help you remember those lyrics better than if it didn't have any such meaning.

You should also ask yourself why you like that particular song in the first place, as this can help with your ability to memorize its lyrics as well. Ask yourself: What can I relate to in the song?

Relating what's being said or sung with something from your own life experience or personal history is extremely efficient in the effort of memorize the lyrics.


The advantages of learning music lyrics are enormous. It improves your general memory and offers you the boost of confidence you need to improve your singing.

We hope you’re ready to start memorizing songs. It can be a lot of work, but it’s worth the effort. When you finally master all those lyrics using the tactics we have just mentioned, you'll be proud of yourself!

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Updated January 2023

How to memorize lyrics

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