Our Origin: the beginning of a new music experience

Written By: CalypsoRoom Editorial Team - April 2023

It was a bright and sunny day, one of those spring days when the sun light gently touches your skin, and colours bloom all around you, indicating the beginning of a new life.

My university studies used to keep me quite busy, and during my lunch break that day, I decided to take a walk in the park near to my institution.

It was then that I had the idea, helped by a group of… pigeons.

Our Origin: the beginning of a new music experience

A man was generously feeding them, and it was impossible for me not to compare such a swarm of pigeons swooping up and down their heads with a packed disco where people move and dance to the beat of the music.

In the crowd, a male pigeon was clearly approaching a female one, thumping his chest, swinging his tail, following her. Always “dancing” with their funny gestures.

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I started to wonder:

What drives us to move and express ourselves in an unconscious way? Music.

Why do we move our bodies to the beat of music? To express appreciation, for social connection, as a display of fitness, to attract.

Is there a way to transmit and recreate such movements from two separate parts of the world at the same time? Of course, by the use of a webcam.

After such considerations, the conclusion was quite obvious to my eyes: same music, at the same time, connected by webcams.

Here is where CalypsoRoom comes from.

At the very beginning was me, one pen, one piece of paper and a bunch of dancing pigeons.

All the rest is about to come.

Stay tuned.

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Written by CalypsoRoom Editorial Team
The CalypsoRoom Editorial Team is a skilled and diverse group of writers, researchers, and industry specialists who have access to Calypso's data and information in order to give you broad knowledge about the music industry as well as helpful advice to help you manage your music and dancing career.

Updated April 2023

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