PLUR meaning: origins and best definition

PLUR, which stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, is a phrase frequently used by ravers and festival-goers. This is a way of thinking that ravers have established in the community.

It is sometimes compared to a rainbow because the rainbow's wide spectrum of colors represents the variety of energies we all possess and the magnificence of our combined beauty.

It is about fostering a culture of inclusion that permeates every aspect of life and enables people to unite as one while respecting our individual differences. We can celebrate both our uniqueness and our unity via PLUR.

Where the term PLUR comes from

“If you don't start showing some peace, love, and unity, I'll break your faces.” - Frankie Bones.

The Peace Love Unity Movement was the initial name of the 1990s idea that gave rise to PLUR, which was used first by New York DJ Frankie Bones (PLUM).

Where the term PLUR comes from

When a fight broke out at a warehouse event, the DJ halted the performance, grabbed the microphone, and emphasized how crucial respect is to the rave scene! Thus, the acronym PLUR was created by adding the letter R for "respect" to it.

What does PLUR stand for?


We're all in the community to have fun, enjoy our favorite music, and coexist in peace for a night or weekend. Fights or nasty attitudes have no place here. Encourage those close to you to use polite language such as "please" and "thank you." In caring for ourselves and one another, we enjoy both internal and exterior harmony.



Since love is unconditional, we give it without holding anything back. The foundation of positive energy is love and concern for everyone. To share love among each other, a hug or some nice words might go a long way.



For the same reason—our common passion of music—we are all gathered in the same community. To share a particular experience, people from all around the world are gathering there. Don't pass judgment on individuals around you based on their modes of expression.



Respect the environment, the people around you, and the venue. Keep in mind the golden rule: treat people like you want to be treated. To provide the most welcoming and comfortable experience possible, consent is crucial. Remember to demonstrate empathy for the experiences and feelings of others; there is no place for criticism or judgment.


PLUR and Kandi

Each move associated with a letter in the word PLUR creates a unique handshake (see below) that opens the door to swapping kandi. Round pony beads and letters are used to make kandi bracelets, which frequently have uplifting or humorous phrases written on them.

Given that they are handcrafted, the care and consideration put into each piece of jewelry increases its significance. A long-standing custom in the rave community, trading kandi is a great way to express PLUR in the present.

It would be ideal to spread love and give someone a piece of kandi if you are watching your favorite musician perform and you notice them giving it their all.

These inexpensive but meaningful keepsakes can create lasting memories and inspire others to spread the PLUR message.At raves, people also make perlers, cuffs, and other things to share with their buddies.

PLUR and Kandi

PLUR handshakes

Each of the values in the PLUR acronym corresponds to a distinct movement in the PLUR handshake:

- 1 Peace: Make the peace sign with your fingers and touch them together with a partner.

- 2 Love: Each partner forms a half heart with their hand, which they then join to form a complete heart.

- 3 Unity: The hands will be held by pressing the palms of both hands together and wrapping each other's fingers.

- 4 Respect: All fingers are clasped together.

PLUR mentality

Everyone in a specific community is on equal ground! We join together to escape the suffering and sorrow we frequently experience in day-to-day life and find joy in music. We leave all types of prejudice and hatred outside.

Many people experience miscommunication in daily life, yet adhering to the PLUR principles and celebrating one another despite our differences fosters the development of special, enduring connections.

PLUR mentality

Despite the fact that we are standing side by side with strangers, we all share a clear acceptance that shines from inside us like genuine delight. By being a decent person, a good friend, and a lovely stranger while keeping these principles in mind, you may better your community and yourself.

PLUR meaning - Conclusion

Ultimately, PLUR is about taking care of one another, even strangers, embracing people for who they are, and making everyone feel welcome. It's an attitude, a way of thinking, and a way of living.

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Updated January 2023

PLUR meaning: origins and best definition

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