The 12 best songs about birds

Birds are frequently utilized as a metaphor for feeling liberated and rising above whatever may be holding you down. One of the reasons why musicians use birds as a symbol in songs is because of this.

There are literally countless popular songs that are about birds or have anything to do with birds, yet some just seem to soar to the top. Here you find the 15 best songs about birds ever recorded so far in the music history.

Ice Cube - “A Bird in the Hand”

This song, is about being happy with the little that you do have. You will be humbled by this rap song and forced to consider all the things you normally take for granted.

The Beatles - “Blackbird”

Blackbird was written by Paul McCartney, one of the finest musicians and songwriters in history, as a young man in response to the events of the civil rights struggle.

Oasis - “Songbird”

This iconic Oasis song from their What's the Story Morning Glory album is up next. It was published in 2002 and centers on a bird that stands for freedom and hope.

Bob Marley - “Three Little Birds”

It's a reminder that worrying only leads in unneeded tension; Bob Marley used the song to encourage individuals and let them know that "every little thing's going to be alright.”

Nellie Furtado - “I’m Like A Bird”

Although this song's delivery is quiet, its energetic chorus offers us a fantastic sense of freedom. Freedom—even in a loving relationship—is the main theme.

The Beatles - “Free as a Bird”

To be fully happy and worry-free is to be "free as a bird." The Beatles also talked about how free you may feel when you are in love with someone.

The Beach Boys - “Bluebirds Over the Mountain”

In the song, the writer begs the seagulls, bluebirds, and anybody else who sees their infant to take him or her home.

Alicia Keys - “Caged Bird”

As she is unable to carry out her desires or be the person she desires, Alicia feels imprisoned, much like a bird in a cage. Just like the performer, birds are designed to be free.

Sia - “Bird Set Free”

Don't stress yourself with what other people think or want you to do. Become a free bird.

Simon and Garfunkel - “Sparrow”

The small sparrow is tired, hungry, and weary, but no one wants to help. But because there are so many bird lovers here, all the birds have a secure place to eat and rest.

M.I.A. - “Bird Flu”

M.I.A.'s song "Bird Flu" comes from her Kala album. It is about the avian flu pandemic that was occurring at the time it was released in 2007, and Even though it is about a serious subject, this song is captivating and will make you want to dance.

Steve Miller Band - “Fly Like An Eagle”

This song serves as a continual reminder that time is passing quickly. It also talks about how there are several issues in the world that need to be resolved. Finding the freedom to fly like an eagle is the key to it all.

Best songs about birds - conclusion

The use of bird imagery in music has a long history, much like it does in other art forms including painting, poetry, and dance. Our spirits can be raised and we can be comforted in difficult times by the inspiration and messages of love, loss, joy, happiness, and serenity that we can find in music.

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Updated January 2023

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