The best 15 gold digger songs

A gold digger is someone who is primarily concerned with their partner's financial situation. They might try to get into a relationship with an older, richer person in order to use their resources. Gold diggers are frequently viewed as shallow, manipulative, and materialistic because they are more obsessed with a partner's wealth than with their personality.

Here our all-time favourite 15 gold digger songs.

Madonna - Material Girl

Madonna has a reputation for creating provocative music and even more provocative music videos. explains how she used men as leverage in "Material Girl" to get what she wanted. She sings of seeking the nicer things in life with no remorse.

Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.

The song portrays the tale of youthful hustlers looking to make quick cash while highlighting some of the dangers and difficulties they encounter.

NWA - I Ain’t The One

This song describes the experiences of a poor man who falls prey to these shrewd and cunning ladies, stressing the ways in which they attempt to financially exploit him without providing anything of value in return.

50 Cent (Feat. Ne-Yo) - Baby By Me

The rapper's world, where money and sex go hand in hand, is one that "Baby By Me" invites ladies into. The song has an underlying message that suggests perhaps money diggers are not as horrible as one would believe, especially when the male receives what he wants in return.

Kanye West (Feat. Jamie Foxx) - Gold Digger

Together, Kanye West and Jamie Foxx perform a song about dating women who are just interested in their money. Only Kanye and Jamie could produce music as good as a team.

Abba - Money, Money, Money

The catchy song "Money, Money, Money" by Abba portrays the story of a devoted woman who aspires for a guy who can provide her with a better life. The song depicts the all too common scenario that many men (and women) of today are faced with when they wonder if someone is with them because they want to be or if they are merely in it for the money.

Teairra (Feat. Featuring Soulja Boy And Gucci Mane) - Sponsor

Teairra Mari upset men all around the world with her perspective on their place in a partnership. In her song about women entering into relationships with men based on what they may gain from them, she used the phrase "gold diggers" to describe them in the most extreme sense possible, referring to them as sponsors.

Destiny’s Child - Bills, Bills, Bills

This girl group used their music to correct the stereotype that women are the relationship "gold diggers" and demonstrate that guys may be just as materialistic and enter partnerships for financial gain as women.

Jason Derulo - Lifestyle

Listeners are reminded in Jason Derulo's song "Lifestyle" that gold diggers are only concerned with their wallets and will never truly appreciate them for who they are. Derulo wants to stop others from making the same mistake since he has personally been burned by a gold digger.

The Beatles - Can’t Buy Me Love

The Beatles' song Can't Buy Me Love portrays the tale of gold diggers, or young women who pursue wealthy men in order to secure their financial future. The song's narrator rejects such base ideals, emphasizing instead his sincere love for the woman he is with.

Good Charlotte - Girls & Boys

The lyrics of the song are about "a lady who has a sexual relationship with a man largely for his money," or "a gold digger." The narrator of the song cautions girls against becoming involved with boys who are simply for their money.

Cardi B - Money

The song describes what it's like to be preoccupied with money all the time and how it can make one feel frustrated and desperate. Anyone who has ever experienced money problems or financial instability can relate to this song.

Offspring - Why Don’t You Get A Job?

"Why Don't You Get a Job? ", a classic punk rock song, is all about how slothful gold seekers are. Although the lyrics are amusing, they nevertheless have a serious message: if you're solely interested in someone's money, perhaps you should find a job for yourself.

AC/DC - Moneytalks

The theme of this song is that you may buy happiness with money. Although the lyrics are straightforward, they make their point.

Avril Lavigne - One of Those Girls

Finally, a female musician cautions girls against being gold diggers. In the women's empowerment song "One of Those Girls," Avril declares that she is independent and cannot rely on a man to provide for her financial needs.


Here is a list of 15 songs that are about gold diggers. All of these songs are bangers that make good arguments about how gold diggers are only attracted to wealthy people.

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Updated January 2023

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