Through music, you make new friends: discover CalypsoRoom

Written By: CalypsoRoom Editorial Team - March 2023

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1. Introduction
2. Through music, you can turn strangers into friends
3. Music as a universal language
4. CalypsoRoom is a way to connect through music online
5. Conclusion
6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Through music, you make new friends: discover CalypsoRoom - Introduction

Music is a powerful force that can connect people without fail.

If you see someone while the same song is playing in the background, and both of you enjoy listening and listening to that specific song, you can be sure that you will click with them even if you have never met before.

Please note the similar musical tastes you have or have had with your elder acquaintance and how this contributed to your feeling of connection to them.

From listening to a song together to making plans to see your favorite artist live, music uniquely brings people together in ways few other things can.

Through music, you can turn strangers into friends

Music is a powerful force for bringing people together and helping them bond.

It’s often a great way for strangers to get acquainted with each other by talking about their favorite songs, artists, or genres of music.

Through music, you can turn strangers into friends

Sharing similar musical tastes with someone else is an excellent opportunity to establish a relationship.

For instance, if you prefer pop or rock n' roll music while your friend enjoys classical music, your friend might not be interested in discussing the same things with you.

But if they enjoy classical music as much as you do, you two will have much in common! Symphonies or operas may be discussed all night and are undoubtedly a fantastic starting point for further conversation.

The music we all enjoy unites us all. When people move to their favorite song, we can feel it, hear it, and even see it in their movements.

Through music, you can turn strangers into friends

It is through music that you can make new friends from across the globe who share your same enthusiasm for a specific artist or style of music.

It’s also an easy way to break the ice when meeting someone for the first time.

For example, if you are at a party or social event and want to talk to someone but don't know what to say, start by mentioning your favorite band or song and see how the conversation will spark between you guys.

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Music as a universal language

Music is the universal language, and it connects us all. It's so powerful that it can even transcend cultural barriers and bring people together worldwide.

Numerous studies have demonstrated this concept; therefore, you don't need a common language or societal beliefs to understand and enjoy the same music as someone else.

The most thorough scientific study on music as a cultural product has been released by Harvard researchers, supporting the claim made by the American poet and examining the characteristics of songs typically shared throughout nations.

Manvir Singh, a graduate student in the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology; Samuel Mehr, a fellow of the Harvard Data Science Initiative; and Luke Glowacki, a graduate student at Harvard who is now an anthropology professor at Pennsylvania State University, came up with the idea for the study.

They set out to answer essential queries like, "Is music a universal culture?" What musical characteristics are shared by different societies, given that this is a given? Why does it seem to be so widespread if it isn't?

Music as a universal language

However, they needed a data set of unheard-of depth and breadth. So the crew spent five years searching through private collections and libraries throughout the globe for hundreds of recordings.

The initiative quickly expanded into a significant worldwide collaboration, including musicians, data scientists, psychologists, linguists, and political scientists because their questions were so interesting.

They discovered that throughout cultures, music is linked to actions like baby care, healing, dancing, and love (among many others, like mourning, warfare, processions, and ritual).

After examining lullabies, healing songs, dance songs, and love songs, they found that songs that share behavioral functions frequently contain similar musical elements.

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CalypsoRoom is a way to connect through music online

Sharing music with the people in your life is a great way to deepen connections, whether meeting someone for the first time or getting closer to those you already know.

Humans have an innate desire to connect with others on a deeper level, and this is one of the best ways you can do that.

You can connect with other people who love the same music as you in several ways, and they don't have to be complicated or time-consuming!

In CalypsoRoom, you can connect with people from around the world, starting with one specific song and listening to it in a new active way: together, at the same time, connected by a webcam.

The platform is very straightforward: you choose the song you want to listen to, ensure your webcam is working, and try to connect with someone else who wants to listen to the same song, real time face-to-face in a “Video Music Session.”

Through music, you make new friends - Conclusion

Music is a great way to connect with people, and we are sure it will also help you make new friends. If you love music and want to meet other people who share your passion, then this article is for you!

It doesn’t matter what kind of music you enjoy listening to or how old or young you are—everyone can benefit from finding their connection through music.

Please check out more blog posts for big music lovers like you about the power of music in connecting us all, and don't miss the chance to try out CalypsoRoom with your friends or strangers: we give the music a new dimension.

Are you a music artist, and would you like to have your music featured on CalypsoRoom too? Let us know, and we will reply as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading,
CalypsoRoom Team

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What role does music play in fostering friendships?

A worldwide language that unites people is music. A passion for a particular genre or performer may connect individuals and foster new friendships.

How would one go about making friends through music?

Making new acquaintances through music may be done by attending concerts, joining music clubs or organizations, participating in online forums, and using music-related social media sites.

Is making friends through music simpler than making friends through other hobbies?

Whether or whether there are social possibilities relating to a person's hobbies depends on their interests. But, because music is a shared passion that cuts beyond linguistic and cultural boundaries, it is a particularly successful method to establish new acquaintances.

Does music aid in the treatment of social anxiety?

Indeed, music may help those with social anxiety positively interact with others. It can serve as a point of connection during conversations and lessen social anxiety.

What advantages come from meeting new people through music?

Your social network may be expanded, you can hear new music, and you can develop a feeling of community and belong through making new friends through music.

What if my possible new buddies and I have different musical tastes?

Different musical preferences might be advantageous since they promote harmonious interaction and new music discovery. A more dynamic and intriguing friendship can also result from having diverse interests.

How can technology help people meet new people through music?

Thanks to technology, finding others interested in the same music as you is now simpler than ever. You may find new music and connect with individuals who share your likes through social networking sites and applications like Spotify, Apple Music, and

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Updated March 2023

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