What does a music manager do?

Independent musicians find it challenging to break through in the highly competitive music business.

Using a music manager's assistance and knowledge can help you have a successful and long-lasting career in music, which can otherwise be a demanding and never-ending effort.

Keep reading if you're interested in learning how to find a music manager what a music manager's actual job is.

What a music manager is needed for?

For musicians trying to promote their music online, things have changed. The amount of work required to establish and promote oneself is simply too much for one artist to handle.

Making music is only one aspect of being an independent musician. It's not as simple as just playing some music and expecting people to show up.

Being a Social Media manager, Content developer, filmmaker, graphic designer, marketer, publicist, producer, and so on are just some of the things you will need to accomplish on your own to succeed in the music industry.

While promoting your music requires time and effort, it's easy to lose yourself in the daily grind of maintaining your presence rather than concentrating on the crucial aspects of songwriting and music production.

Music managers can help you navigate the music industry and free you up to concentrate on the artistic components of your song while they take care of the economic side of things.

Music manager duties. What does a music manager do?

This can not only provide you more time to devote to creating beautiful music, but it can also advance your career and present you with new options.

Music manager duties. What does a music manager do?

Developing connections with people in the music Industry and networking

The best managers know how to create connections inside the industry to assist elevate your company's brand and music. The key is to collaborate with a capable music manager who knows people in your industry or music genre.

Developing connections with people in the music Industry and networking

They collaborate with distributors, record labels, performers, writers, publicists, music venues, and other contacts in the industry. Many managers may be able to get your music listed through blogger and editorial playlist contacts, if part of your objective is to get your music onto Spotify playlists.

Finding live performance opportunities

An artist may spend a lot of time and effort finding venues, planning their shows, and dealing with venues. It takes time and work to send out electronic press kits for your songs.

A music manager can help a band or artist with the organisation and booking of live performances or tours. Additionally, they might collaborate with venues and booking agents to plan a tour and the related logistics.

Contract negotiations on artists' behalf

It may be a complete nightmare for any independent musician to navigate this. A skilled and qualified manager can comprehend legal complications and may assist you in making wise business decisions.

Contract negotiations on artists' behalf

Without the proper assistance from a manager, dealing with royalties, payment percentages, advances, licensing, and other aspects of the music business you might not be familiar with can be difficult.

Discover Publishing Deals, Record Label Deals, and Sync Placements

Identifying chances for artistic and professional development is one of managers' main responsibilities. Some managers will look for licensing for publishing contracts, sync licensing agreements, and recording licenses if they have the necessary expertise.These possibilities broaden your audience and can help you boost the number of music fans you have.

Overseeing music marketing and promotion strategies

Taking care of your social media presence and efficiently promoting your music online is one of the most crucial aspects of thriving as a musician.

Overseeing music marketing and promotion strategies

Building a devoted online following is the key to increasing the number of people who listen to your music and the number of streams you receive through Spotify and all the Digital service Providers out there.

This obviously requires time, energy, and resources. A music manager may help with a marketing plan to make sure everything is in line with your journey and story.

Developing artists

A musician can also promote their artistic goals and ideas with the aid of a manager who has musical knowledge and skills. They have industry connections that can work with their customers to help them develop as artists and who can also provide feedback on the artistic side of a musician's work while working with other composers, musicians, and producers in the music business.


Above all, hiring a manager should provide you peace of mind so you can concentrate on priority number one: the music. If you're busy reading up on copyright law or managing your finances, you can't write your music, simple as. The administrative load of being an independent musician will be lessened with a competent manager.

Now that we know the basics of what a music management does, how can we go about finding one? On this page, you can get recommendations and helpful advice on the subject.


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Updated January 2023

What does a music manager do?


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