The 12 best campfire songs (with chords, lyrics, and videos)

Generation after generation, from the dawn of time, humans have congregated around campfires, everyone playing a vital role. The musician is not the least of them all; there is also the cook and the comedian.

This selection might be helpful if you're looking for the ideal tune to complement the mood of a lovely night spent gazing up at the stars.

Anyone who plays the guitar, whether they are a novice or a master, may learn some of the most popular campfire tunes and proudly take on the position of musician in their community.

Any song you choose from the available selection will make the evenings you spend with your friends amazing in every manner, full of singalongs, humming, clapping, and body swaying.

best campfire songs

The 12 best campfire songs

The Beatles - Let It Be - Guitar Tab & Lyrics

Hit songs by The Beatles, often known as The Fab Four, include Yellow Submarine, Hey Jude, and All You Need is Love. But none can match Let It Be's entrancing harmony. Just the title will have you singing!

Bring over a bunch of buddies and a great acoustic guitar for this one. A Beatles song may make you feel warm both inside and out, even on the chilliest evenings.

The Beatles - Hey Jude - Guitar Tab & Lyrics

The Beatles were the reigning monarchs of music in the 1990s, famous for their incredible songs and fantastic singalongs. Paul McCartney's song "Hey Jude" has dazzled millions of admirers for many years.

You could identify strongly with the meaning of the songs and connect some of your own life events to Hey Jude, much like the lead vocalist of the Beatles, John Lennon, did.

Tom Petty - Free Falling - Guitar Tab & Lyrics

Thanks to appearances in a number of television shows and films, such as The Sopranos and Jerry Maguire, this famous song has maintained its notoriety.

The curiously beautiful sound of the guitar will create a pleasant and comforting mood both inside of you and all around you, whether the song makes you remember moments from those movies or makes you dream of driving along a Southern California boulevard.

Oasis - Wonderwall - Guitar Tab & Lyrics

Noel Gallagher was as uncomfortable as someone with an itchy back regarding the song. Similar to how Kurt Cobain felt about Smells Like Teen Spirit's popularity, Gallagher hated the song's popularity. WonderWall will provide an engaging listening experience for your audience in any situation; both the audience and the guitarist find it enjoyable.

The Animals - House of the Rising Sun - Guitar Tab & Lyrics

Even though it could be midnight and you're roasting marshmallows, the House of the Rising Sun will make the morning stand out. An oldie but a goodie from Animals' 1960s album still sends chills down your spine 60 years later.

To identify this tune and begin the chorus, only two or three notes are required. A fantastic traditional tune to perform on the acoustic guitar with friends or family.

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Guitar Tab & Lyrics

Kamakawiwo'ole, the most adored musician in Hawaii, was a modest vocalist who played the ukulele in a group of his buddies.

Unfortunately, the song's popularity increased just around the time he passed away at the age of 38 from a respiratory condition, a tragic conclusion for someone who loved to sing. He is recognized for his superb singing and for encouraging the Hawaiian people to go deeply into their ancestry.

The Eagles - Hotel California - Guitar Tab & Lyrics

It's a song that everyone knows and can sing along to, making it another excellent choice to learn. Although the single note lines in this tune might move rather quickly, the chord structures are all quite easy to maintain.

No matter your level of musical ability, this is a good song to learn because there are several "chordified" versions of it floating around where some of the trickier passages have been swapped out for simpler strummed chords.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama - Guitar Tab & Lyrics

If nobody is gathered around the campfire already, they will be after hearing the first few notes of this song, which has an instantly recognizable and memorable opening tune. Released in 1974 as a single to promote the band's second album, "Second Helping."

The song begins with the well-known melody, which establishes the groove with a minimal amount of string skipping and muffled notes. The usage of fourth intervals, power chords, and a distinct bassline, all hallmarks of classic rock, adapt beautifully to the acoustic guitar and to any sing-along situation.

Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson - Guitar Tab & Lyrics

The song's vocal hooks will undoubtedly keep the listener engaged. There are a few additional instrumental renditions of the song floating around, some of which employ simple chords that are easier for a novice to perform because they can be strummed.

There are, however, certain more difficult finger-picked playing techniques that, if you're up for it, may make your performance appear a little more intriguing.

Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire - Guitar Tab & Lyrics

Listed among the Greatest Songs of All Time by Rolling Stone, this timeless classic will never go out of style. This song, which was by far Johnny's biggest hit, was written by June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore and tells the story of how June first fell in love with Johnny.

There are some uncommon bar measures, giving it a slight mariachi flair, which is mirrored in the strumming rhythm and time signatures. But nothing that would be difficult for a beginner guitarist.

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - Guitar Tab & Lyrics

This track has been modified into both strummed and fingerstyle versions so you may choose the one that best suits your ability level. It was originally created for a big band setting with a lot of 12 string guitar overdubs.

The song begins with a repeated intro before transitioning into a more predictable chord pattern, which is then held throughout the song.

Nirvana - Come As You Are - Guitar Tab & Lyrics

Many of us will be familiar with the song “Come As You Are” from our rebellious teen years listening to alternative grunge music. And while the original version of the song was undoubtedly performed by a full band with an electric guitar, Nirvana also created a version known as the "unplugged" version that shows the song can be performed successfully on an acoustic guitar.

The notes you play while playing this acoustically around the campfire are very identical to those you would play when playing it on an electric guitar; just be sure you strike the chords loudly and forcefully.

The 12 best campfire songs - Conclusion

We really hope you enjoyed our selection of the best campfire music. Make sure you practice a lot before the next occasion that calls for you to gather your loved ones around the cozy warmth that only a wonderful fire can provide on the chilliest of nights.

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Updated January 2023

The 12 best campfire songs (with chords, lyrics, and videos)

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