The 6 best shuffle dancers (with videos)

Shuffling is an excellent at-home cardio workout that will get you dripping with sweat quickly. Shuffling first appeared in Melbourne, Australia's underground rave culture, in the late 1980s. The fundamental routine, known as the "Melbourne Shuffle," combines rapid heel-and-toe steps with a variety of hand motions.

However, shuffling didn't get widespread attention until sometime around 2006. The popularity of shuffling increased in the US as more individuals picked up the dance from others, opening up a whole new world to those eager to learn.

There are some well-known shuffle dancers here that you may follow and subscribe to. They each have such distinct personalities, but they also have a few things in common, like their love of shuffle dance, incredible talent, and desire to motivate others.

The 6 best shuffle dancers

Vanesa Seco

Instagram - TikTok - YouTube

Vanesa Seco, a fitness model and athlete from Colombia, has had a significant influence on the dance community with her excellent shuffling.

After years of consistent hard work, Vanesa transformed her passion for dancing into a full-time business by providing dance tutorials on YouTube, her first of which dates from 2017.

Gabby David

Instagram - TikTok - YouTube

Gabby David is a guiding light for many people, especially for individuals with neurological diseases. If you don't know her tale, spend some time reading “How the Rave Community Helped This Dancer Overcome Her Darkest Hours” by Insomniac.

Her narrative and several dancing videos demonstrate her bravery and exceptional talent and show us all how music can guide us through the most difficult situations.

Elena Cruz

Instagram - TikTok - YouTube

Elena Cruz is without a doubt one of the most well-known shufflers, having amassed over 1.3 million TikTok, 640k Instagram, and 127k YouTube subscribers. After attending her first music event, Ultra Miami, the Miami-based shuffler began shuffling in 2015.

There is no denying Elena's charisma and grace, and her skills have helped create an amazing résumé. On her website, "Every Step With E", Elena provides online and in-person workshops for a nominal membership fee.

Mary Grace

Instagram - TikTok - YouTube

Mary Grace, a dancer and choreographer based in Los Angeles, is most recognized for her brisk, energizing shuffling technique, particularly her cutting forms.

Be prepared to be amazed by her vivacious attitude. In addition to shuffling, Mary prefers to dance to hard-house and base-house music.


Instagram - TikTok - YouTube

Based in Los Angeles, California, CiCi is a professional dancer and content producer. She has trained in ballet, jazz, tap, and acrobatics since she was three years old.

Only four years ago, CiCi fell in love with moving objects around and carving forms. She has nonetheless shuffled her way into being one of the game's most important shufflers because of her skilled dancing training.

CiCi offers both live and online sessions that include anything from fundamental shuffle methods to acrobatics and stunts to stretching exercises.


Instagram - TikTok - YouTube

Although there are many skilled dancers, not everyone is as aware of body language and limitations as she is. Sabrina provides a variety of dance moves, such as the classic cutting shapes and the current Melbourne shuffle. If you're interested in improving your shuffling abilities, just get in touch with her since she also provides online training.

The 6 best shuffle dancers - Conclusion

Just a few of the top shuffle dancers to look up and follow are listed above. We are excited to explore how people will appreciate music differently as well as how they will communicate it differently through dancing.

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Updated January 2023

The 6 best shuffle dancers (with videos)

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