The 15 best songs about the beach

Most of us enjoy going to the beach, regardless of whether there are miles of white sand and blue water or craggy shorelines with secret coves. There are many songs about the beach since we identify it with holidays, relaxation, and happiness.

Without music that sets the proper mood and radiates positivity from dawn until afternoon, a day on the beach just isn't complete. Here you find our favourite 15 songs about the beach that perfectly reflect the sunny, warm, peaceful, and nostalgic aspects of a day by the water. Enjoy!

The Who - “Sea And Sand”

Despite the fact that the entire album has references to the coast, this song has all the characteristics of a great song about the beach because of the sadness shown in the first few lines by the hopeless romantic, the seabird, and the waves on the shore.

Pedro Capó, Farruko - “Calma”

Without mentioning this Latin Billboard hit, we would have been foolish to compile a list of songs about the beach. According to rumours, the slow-paced, joyous Caribbean way of life that Puerto Rican Pedro Capo experienced growing up served as the basis for this relaxing track.

Don Henley - “The Boys Of Summer”

If you like songs about the beach, you could listen to this one a lot because the lyrics talk about vacant beaches, deserted streets, warm summer days, and healthy sunlight. In addition, the song's lyrics tell a love story and reflect the musician's memories of summer.

The Beach Boys - “Catch A Wave”

The well-known group recorded a song in 1963 that features lyrics about skilled surfers and references the beach, the waves, the coastline, and the warm sun.

The Beach Boys - “Surfin’ Safari”

This was their first big hit, and it was released in 1962. It still sounds contemporary today. Surf guitar's distinctive trebly sound is excellent.

Jan and Dean - “Surf City”

Jan and Dean, who served as ambassadors for California culture in the 1960s, enjoyed success with their song Surf City, which they co-wrote with the master of surf music, Brian Wilson (of The Beach Boys).

Mungo Jerry - “In The Summertime”

Mungo Jerry is a well-known musician who has published many different kinds of music. In 1970, the musician wrote a song that describes summertime, the warm weather, the gorgeous sky, and enjoyable activities.

Will Smith - “Summertime”

Will Smith is credited with writing this song, which was first recorded in 1991. The summertime, enjoyable activities, and other sports are all mentioned in the lyrics.

DNCE - “Cake By The Ocean”

This well-known band wrote a song about various forms of parties in 2015, and the young artists frequently participate in beachside parties. In this video, the band is playing near the water, and there are lots of partying beachgoers in the background.

Cheryl Crow - “Soak Up The Sun”

Cheryl Crow published this song in 2002 about friends who want to go to the beach. The singer plays the guitar, and she wrote the lyrics, which make reference to the nearby beach, fun activities, and the advantages of sunlight.

Kid Rock - “All Summer Long”

The song is about friends who live in Michigan and who frequently go camping, explore the adjacent beaches, and hang out at the docks. Despite the warm weather, the group also went swimming in the area's typically chilly waters.

Grease Cast - “Summer Nights”

Two musicians wrote a song in 1978 about the summertime, the nearby beaches, and fun nights. The song emphasizes a romantic relationship, a friendship, and the advantages of summertime while also mentioning the sun in the lyrics.

Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg - “California Gurls”

This pop song about the beach has an irresistible catchy chorus, which is likely what gave it such instant success. As the title implies, the idea is very straightforward, and the lyrics are lively and youthful.

John Mayer - “New Light”

The words of this song, which challenge listeners to consider fresh angles, tell the story of a man going to Malibu, California. When he gets to Malibu, he may explore the beaches, the lovely city, and the adjacent parks. He can also unwind on the beach and watch the surf, the sun setting, and the palm trees.

Katrina & The Waves - “Walking On Sunshine”

This song, whose lyrics describe a person exploring a beach, is a good choice if you're looking for a happy tune. The sunshine may significantly improve wellbeing, lessen worry, and inspire creativity, and the person is taking pleasure in it along with the warm air and lovely ocean.

Best songs about the beach - Conclusion

Songs about the beach in the summer immediately transport us there! Therefore, listening to a beach tune can help you start planning your next vacation even when it's cold outside.

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Updated January 2023

The 15 best songs about the beach

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