Basic breakdance moves names for beginners (with videos)

Breakdancing is one of the most well-liked styles of dance among young people all over the world, whether you call it hip-hop dancing, B-boying, or just plain breaking. Along with beatboxing, rapping, and DJing, it was once a significant component of hip hop culture.

In the South Bronx in New York City, the hip hop movement is supposed to have begun. It is a type of free-style dancing that calls for a lot of athleticism, vigor, and inventiveness. It is challenging to compile a list of the many break dancing moves due to its experimental character; nonetheless, the moves for beginners are included in this article.

Basic breakdance moves names

Top rock

When a B-Boy or B-Girl is dancing while still standing, it is known as Top Rock, and it is how breakers begin their throwdown before getting on the ground.

While a breaker is not required to top rock for a predetermined period of time, a B-Boy or B-Girl will often dance on top for at least one to two eight counts of the song.

In top rock breakers, participants get to demonstrate their sense of rhythm and their capacity to perform along with the music while remaining standing by utilizing a range of top rock steps, which are complemented by hand and arm motions.

Examples of top rocks moves are: Indian step, Hip twist, side step, bronx step, kick step, cross step etc. See the instructional video below for guidance on how to do the fundamental top rock moves for beginners.

Go downs

A breaker utilizes a go down to descend from their top rock to the ground. Preferably, this is accomplished in a smooth transition that emerges from the top rock of a breaker, lowering them to the ground without interrupting the beat of their dance. The knee drop (video below), spin down, and hook drop are a few examples of fundamental go downs.


When a B-Boy or B-Girl is on the floor and using their hands for support while moving their legs through a range of breaking footwork patterns, they are doing breaking footwork.

You may see a B-Boy or B-Girl do fundamental breaking footwork moves including the 12 step, 6 step, 3 step, 2 step, shuffles, kick outs, CCs, the helicopter, the lego leg, the blender, the knee rock, and the sweep.

Breaking footwork is often performed utilizing hips and legs in rhythmic circular-rotational motions, but it may also be performed by moving in intricate patterns or in straight or angled lines across the floor.


A B-Boy or B-Girl does a Freeze when they form, hit, and retain a stable shape with their bodies for a brief period of time. This is typically done to strike a big musical note and serves as a means to fully conclude a series of moves that a breaker has been showing off. The baby freeze, chair freeze and the elbow freeze are a few examples of fundamental breaking freezes.


Breakers employ transitions to enter and exit their techniques or to mix the footwork steps, freezes, tricks, and power moves that they like doing in tandem.

When done effectively, transitions are seldom really noticed since they are executed seamlessly and allow the B-Boy or B-Girl to maintain a lovely, fluid flow while breaking. Sweeps, pretzels, and spins are a few examples of transitions.

Power moves

Power moves are the most dynamic part of this sport. A power move is, generally speaking, when a B-Boy or B-Girl propels their entire body into a continuous spinning or rotational motion while balancing on their hands, elbows, head, back, or shoulders. Head spins, flares, air flares, windmills, and 1990s movements are a few examples of breaking power moves.


Gymnastics is a major source of inspiration for breakdancing, which is why you'll frequently see breakers somersaulting and flipping all over the stage when they perform. A professional-level breaking display without a flip or two is uncommon.

Basic breakdance moves names - Conclusion

There are many more moves than those on this list. You may master countless other breakdance moves to add more beauty and excitement to your performance. You might even be able to come up with your own signature techniques with enough practice!

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Updated January 2023

Basic breakdance moves names for beginners (with videos)

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