How to dance at raves: best moves to practice (with videos)

A dance party featuring frantic electronic music and a dazzling light show is referred to as a "rave party." These events often feature music from the house, techno, and trance genres.

Some of these events have laser light displays, and there is artificial fog in the air. Because it is an improvised, free-form dance, rave differs from other types of dancing. Theoretically, you can dance as you choose, nothing in this situation is "wrong."

The aim of rave dancing is for each person to express the motions that the music inspires. While many rave dancers do not use hip-hop techniques, others do, and rave dancing is a fully free-form dance.

The atmosphere might seem chaotic and a little overwhelming if you've never attended a party like this before. But you can boost your confidence and have more fun at the party if you master a few simple, well-known rave dance steps. Let’s see them together!

How to dance at raves: the 6 best moves

The running man

If you find yourself trapped in the center of a big crowd of ravegoers, you can pull off the running man. You benefit from the fact that it is a static dance move in addition to the fact that it is straightforward. Nothing more than a stationary dance.

- 1 Lift your right knee up to your waist.
- 2 Slide your left foot backwards while bringing your right foot back to the ground by elevating your heel and moving forward on the ball of your foot.
- 3 Lift your left knee up to your waist.
- 4 As your left foot lands back on the ground, slide your right foot to the front.

Jump style

The most basic jump style technique consists of five hops followed by a kick to the elevated foot. The majority of movement is in the legs and body, with the arms merely held loosely:

- 1 Jump with your left foot while kicking your right foot roughly a foot into the air.
- 2 Retract the right foot and repeat the first stride.
- 3 Changing to your right foot, leaping onto it, and kicking your left foot forward.
- 4 Return to the right foot, but this time kick with the left foot.
- 5 With the right foot kicked low and back, hop back with the left foot.

Melbourne shuffle

Don't give up if you don't master the Melbourne Shuffle the first time; it's an extremely difficult move. If you've done any breaking or hip-hop, learning this technique will be a lot easier for you.

The Walking Man and the Moonwalk are essentially combined in the Melbourne Shuffle. Your upper body will move very little during it. The legs and the arms sway in a natural but fluid walking action, producing much of the charm. Usually, the dancer will face one way before starting to move in another.

Liquid movements

The Liquid Movement is unquestionably the most difficult rave dance motion to master. High levels of flexibility and prior dance experience are recommended.

Liquid Movement is all about dancing as naturally and smoothly as you can to the music, which is why dancers who are skilled in this style are sometimes referred to as "octopuses."

Because liquid movement simulates fluidity by using the full body, it calls for a great level of bodily flexibility from those attempting to do it.


You're going to need a few accessories for glowsticking. You'll need several glow sticks in particular (also called rave lights). They can be chemical or battery-powered light sticks. It actually doesn't matter as long as they sparkle.

Dance while holding a stick in each hand. Liquid movement dance is commonly chosen by glow stick dancers. When the glowsticks are added to the fluidity of the dance, the results are very seductive on the dance floor.


Similar to the Melbourne Shuffle, the lower body is key in this type of dancing. However, Hakken dancers frequently include their upper body moves in the performance as well.

Hakken is an extremely fast dance since the music may be played at up to 190 BPM. To be able to keep up with the beat will take some effort.

How to dance at raves - Conclusion

You can practice breaking, jump style, and other specific routines before going to a party, but remember that rave dancing is all about how your body responds to the music.

If you close your eyes and follow where the music takes you, you'll be able to execute flawless motions.

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Updated January 2023

How to dance at raves: best moves to practice (with videos)

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