What to wear for a dance audition? Best tips to follow

No matter how skilled you are at dancing, auditions may be anxiety-inducing, whether it is your first or thirty-first. Having your dancing audition outfit ready in advance will make you feel more prepared when it's time to perform.

Make sure you are dressed appropriately before going into your dancing audition. You don't want to draw attention to yourself because of your outfit; instead, you want to be noticed for your dancing movements. Don't forget to take care of your clothes while you get everything else ready and work on your routine.

What to wear for a dance audition


Think of the rainbow's colors, which range from red to blue. Right now, the colors near the top of the rainbow (red, orange, and yellow) naturally draw attention, but the colors at the bottom are far less attractive (blues and purples).


Red has an innate tendency to catch people's attention since it is inherently linked to fear and danger, which causes the human mind to take notice right away. Colors like red, orange, and yellow will draw attention to you right away and help you stand out from the other applicants in the room.

Additionally, vibrant colors might help you stand out. Simply put, a saturated color is one that is vivid and bright; the more dazzling and bright a color is, the more it draws attention to it.

So, if you wear something that is bright red, orange, or yellow (but not too distracting), you'll be recognized before you even start dancing. Additionally, it will be much simpler for the audition panel to identify you after the audition as you are likely the only one in the entire room wearing that style.

Show yourself

Usually, we work to hide aspects of ourselves that we don't like. The issue is that audition panels may notice right away if you're trying to do this. The panel reviewing your application will notice right away whether you're wearing loose attire, dull colors, too much makeup, or too many layers of clothing.

Show yourself

The issue is that the panel's imagination starts to run wild as soon as they think you're trying to hide. If you're embarrassed by your legs, are you hiding them with baggy sweatpants? The panel could presume you've hurt your knee.

Are you covering your body out of fear by tying a sweater around your waist? The panel could conclude that you don't have faith in yourself.

You must strive to overcome these fears before an audition so that you may display every talent you possess. You should not hide behind your baggy sweatshirt at an audition; rather, you should perform, display your skills, and demonstrate why you should be chosen.

Make sure you are wearing flattering, form-fitting clothing while still feeling comfortable. Wear nothing that could interfere with your shape, lines, or freedom of movement.

Dance audition clothing for colleges

- Always arrive at a dancing audition looking professional. You want to come across as disciplined and professional. This calls for shiny hair, fresh tights, and clean shoes.

- Always have extras of everything with you! Disasters do occur, so be ready!

- You want to highlight your proportions and lines, so avoid skirts. They need to view your hips and glutes for alignment since wearing a skirt may give the impression that you are attempting to conceal anything. Don't try to hide beneath anything since dance audition panels are searching for potential rather than a polished product.

Dance audition clothing for colleges

- Choose a leotard with a high cut leg line if possible. Our recommendation is to stay away from black and choose a colored leotard. Avoid anything with a distracting pattern, but wearing a color makes you easier to recognize and discuss with the audition panel. For instance, "the girl in the blue leotard is..."

- Put on your ballet shoes and clean, pink tights underneath the leotard. Even if you often prefer to pull up your tights to your ankles over your leotard, a college dance audition is not the place for a casual appearance.

- Makeup should be minimal and natural. Make sure you look and feel good about yourself, but don't overdo the cosmetics or the fake tan.

- Keep your hair sprayed and nice. A high bun would be my recommendation since we believe it elongates the neck and produces a finer line. You may wear your hair in a French roll or add twists for a distinct look. French rolls need practice, so avoid attempting one for the first time at an audition.

Dance audition clothing for colleges

- Avoid wearing jewelry to a dancing audition since it can be hazardous, distracting, and unprofessional.

Dance audition clothing for companies

You should try to appear more mature and professional while going to a dance company audition. Avoid appearing like a student who accidentally entered the incorrect dance audition.

The selection committee wants to think you are knowledgeable, responsible, and capable of handling the rigors of working in a corporation.

Within reason, try to dress in your own style, but pay close attention to what you wear for the corporate dance audition. There is a narrow line between seeming knowledgeable, competent, and disorganized.

- Wear pink tights so the dancing audition panel can still notice the tone of your legs' muscles. Dark tights can conceal this.

Dance audition clothing for companies

- For dancing auditions, wear natural, attractive makeup. Keep your jewelry to a minimum if you choose to wear it. You can get away with wearing extremely tiny drop earrings for earrings, but otherwise, stick to studs.

- Depending on the dancing company, you may or may not wear a skirt. Sometimes a little skirt is good and lends you a touch of individuality. The audition panel frequently wants to see your body, so wearing a skirt can help you hide. Avoid wearing lengthy skirts.

What to wear for a dance audition - Conclusion

After all, it's your dancing, not what you're wearing, that will land you the job, so wear something comfortable. Be yourself, and remember that the college or company wants you to be the proper fit for the school or job as much as you do.

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Updated January 2023

What to wear for a dance audition? Best tips to follow

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