What is a dance convention? Definition and best benefits

You might have heard of dancers from your studio competing or read information about dance conventions on social media and wondered what they were like.

A dance convention is an occasion where dancers from different studios come together to focus on one or more dance forms and take part in seminars, courses, and performances.

Dancers can improve their technique and get exposed to a variety of genres and choreography by taking master workshops conducted by experienced dancers and choreographers at dance conventions.

The majority of dance conventions also have contests, where dancers present their work and are judged by a group of judges, some of whom are instructors who are giving classes all weekend.

What is a dance convention? Definition and best benefits

What happens during a traditional dance convention?

Despite the fact that the size, purpose, and style of dance conventions might vary, many of them have a common format. A typical dancing convention could include the following.

Courses and workshops

Typically, a variety of seminars and workshops led by experienced dancers and choreographers are offered during dance conferences. These classes are designed for dancers of all levels and concentrate on a particular dance style, technique, and choreography.

Courses and workshops

A dance convention often features ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, and modern dance. Dancers are divided into rooms by age category, usually divided into mini, junior, teen, and senior.


On Friday nights, several dance conventions offer optional lessons. Saturday morning classes begin and end in the late afternoon.That afternoon's competition follows classes. Classes start on Sunday morning and go until the middle or late afternoon. They are followed by a closing performance and scholarship announcements.


Competitions at some dance conventions allow dancers to display their talents and compete with one another. Dancers compete against each other in their age group at dance conventions.


Most of the time, you compete against people who dance in a similar manner, and there are also overall honors. After a long day of lessons on Saturday, group dancing competitions take place. Those who are younger compete first.


The entire weekend is dedicated to auditions. Each age category will have auditions conducted by a number of staff members, and scholarships will be given out based on the results during the weekend's closing ceremony.


Professional dancers, dance companies, or guest artists frequently perform at dance conferences. Attendees may get inspiration from these performances as well as a terrific opportunity to experience cutting-edge and original creations.


Benefits of dance conventions

Attending classes with new professors

You may learn diverse teaching methods by attending courses from many dance instructors because every dance teacher has a somewhat distinct style of instruction.

This also enables you to choose the educational methods that will benefit you the most. Taking lessons from several instructors prevents you from becoming too used to one particular teaching method.

Trying various dance styles

It might be difficult, but it's enjoyable to try out new dances! Attending every class at conventions will introduce you to classes that aren't offered regularly at your dance studio.

Knowing styles will benefit you in any style you adopt and execute. No matter what level of dance you are presently at, learning these new styles can help you develop talents and tricks you never knew existed.

Trying various dance styles

You can watch other dancers

Teachers will divide classrooms into groups at conventions. Take advantage of the chance to observe other dancers. Find a few people to observe, and analyze what makes their dance special and attractive — what draws you in? Is it their mood, the way they move, how they use their skills, or just how they look?

See how far you can progress by attempting to incorporate the traits you appreciate in other dancers into your own dancing!

Developing confidence

On and off the dance floor, conventions can foster confidence. Take advantage of the chance to dance your heart out in the front of the room while at the convention.

Dancers who push themselves and take risks during class are noticed by the instructors. It will take bravery to put yourself out there, but you'll be glad you did it in the end.

Developing confidence

What is a dance convention - Conclusion

Overall, dance conventions are a fantastic chance for dancers to hone their talents, be motivated by the ability and originality of their peers, and network with other dancers and business experts.

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Updated January 2023

What is a dance convention? Definition and best benefits

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