Learn how to become a songwriter following these recommendations

For many people, becoming a songwriter will always be a dream. Although anybody technically has the ability to write a song, very few people really succeed in making a living from their hobby.

It might be difficult to break into the highly competitive field of songwriting. However, if you put in the necessary effort and maintain your artistic integrity, there can be a place for you in this industry.

Here are some tips and recommendations on how to become a songwriter.

Songwriters are people who write songs

Any career might easily lead to various anxiety-related symptoms. You suspect that you lack the necessary skills, boisterousness, authenticity, and sufficiency to blend in with the crowd. It's normal to feel unfavourable towards songwriting.

Many individuals think that if they are not making money off of their songs, performing them live, recording them, or creating songs for a living, they are not "genuine" songwriters.

Songwriting is a uniquely human activity that follows a specific process. If you have developed the skills required to write songs, you are a songwriter.

Songwriters are people who write songs

How to develop your songwriting skills

Finalize the songs you create

Having a lot of tunes that you enjoy but that are just partially done is one of the most frustrating aspects of songwriting. Nobody wants to listen to a song that isn't finished.

There will be times when you cannot move forward and it is absurd to think that you will never get stuck while writing a song. But essentially, being stuck is only a state of mind. You will have the tools necessary to create fresh lyrics and tunes if you force yourself to finish the song. Simply do it; there is no need to overthink it.

Write in many different locations

Being able to write in the same place is enjoyable. Many songwriters have a cozy, familiar space where they feel most at ease when they are writing, but the truth is, there will never be a place where you can write songs perfectly.

You'll always swing somewhere between states of happiness and depression, or between states of clarity and confusion. You must still keep writing music, though. So, the more you alter your surroundings, the more likely it is that you will have new ideas and inspiration for your compositions.

Write in many different locations

Build a network

It's crucial to network with as many other writers as you can when you first start out as a songwriter. You need to be in the presence of people who share your views and are working toward similar objectives.

When you feel confident performing your music, let people hear it. Decide to participate in a round and give it your all. You never know who is listening. It can be a publisher or perhaps a musician looking for the song song for their future album.

Collaborate with other songwriters

Being a songwriter requires collaboration with other people. A skilled songwriter will frequently help artists create wholly original music and write better songs.

Collaborate with other songwriters

An experienced songwriter can teach you some genuinely wonderful things, such as how to lead a writing session, how to say "no" without getting upset, and how to produce songs and lyrics quickly.

Additionally, if you start co-writing songs with people and start putting your co-writes on albums, you can start generating passive income from the royalties those songs bring in.

Produce a demo

By working together with an experienced songwriter, you may create a short but powerful demo to promote your song. It's a common misconception that simply listening to a voice memo will ensure that the person to whom you submit your music will enjoy it.

When you submit your music for consideration by record companies, publishers, artists, etc., they demand a polished version of the song with some basic production concepts, a beat, and thought-provoking critical observations.

Produce a demo

Write for different music genres

Writing for musicians in a variety of situations and genres is necessary to become a skilled songwriter. You must write songs outside of the musical genre in which you sing if you wish to pursue songwriting as a career.

Collaborating with songwriters who write outside of your genre is an excellent strategy for developing your ability to create in a range of styles. You can refine your understanding of how music is created by collaborating with other musicians.

How to make money with your songs

Live concert

Musicians make the majority of their income from live performances. You have access to an almost endless number of locations, and connections around the world are stronger than ever. Build a local audience first, then go national, and then start exploring for additional audiences.

Live concert

Selling your music

Today, pairing sales with a live performance is becoming much more common. The majority of artists hold concerts to promote and sell their CDs and vinyl records. Through Bandcamp and other online music retailers, you will sell some copies of your song. However, since streaming has become the go-to substitute, sales of digital recordings have decreased.


There are numerous types of royalties that are involved when you upload your music on the Internet. You will be eligible for a mechanical royalty when your music is made available, created, or reproduced on a streaming website, for example. Or, anytime your song is performed live, you are entitled to get public performance royalty.

Sync placement

There are various choices available to you if you wish to monetize your music, including a sync license. There are multiple possibilities to pitch your shows to Netflix and Amazon because they are producing so many new shows.

Sync placement

A sync license is normally purchased once and provides an audio track or music video with the proper movie credits. In addition, a further fee is paid to the producer whenever the movie is bought or remade.


To become a songwriter, you must dedicate a lot of time and practice. Learn to write many songs, collaborate with others, learn to produce your own recordings, expand your horizons, and grow stronger at your skill as a starting point for a successful career.

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Updated January 2023

Learn how to become a songwriter following these recommendations


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