How to dance disco: the best moves to perform (with videos)

Disco is still popular today despite the fact that many people think it's a thing of the 1970s and 1980s. Now, the excitement of disco dancing routines has captured people's attention once again.

This article can help you get started if you're one of the many people who have only recently realized the wonder of this dance and would like to give it a try.

Try out one of these fundamental disco moves, whether you're practicing alone at home or with a teacher. They'll give you a strong foundation and the chance to experiment with more sophisticated methods later on.

How to dance disco: the best moves to perform

The bus stop

For beginners, the bus stop is a fun yet straightforward disco dance. It is performed to the Fatback Band song "Are You Ready? (Do the Bus Stop),". It may be done to any fast-paced disco music alone or with a number of other disco moves.

- Place your feet together as you stand up. Relax a little bit your knees. Locking up makes you appear very robotic, avoid it.
- Take one step with your right foot first, and then the next with your left, to change your direction.
- Step backwards with your right foot one more time as soon as your left foot reaches the ground.
- Bring your left foot forward, then bring your right foot forward.
- With your left foot, advance one more step.
- The walking action is stopped by bringing your right foot up next to your left foot and lightly tapping it. In sync with the foot tap, clap your hands.
- Put your left foot forward and go to the left. Step with your right foot directly behind the left foot to complete the movement. Repeat this sequence three times.
- Clap your hands and tap your left foot once more with your right foot.
- Reverse the pattern now. Take a step to the right with your right foot, then step back with your left foot. three times in a row.
- Clap your hands and tap the bottom of your right foot with your left.
- After turning a quarter to the left or the right, start everything from step one.

The snap

The "hip check" or "snap" highlights the mobility of the hip region. It's an excellent move to try if you're seeking a seductive motion that can showcase both your physique and your agility.

- As you begin, your feet should be in line with your hips.
- Move your hips to the right and snap your fingers with your right hand.
- Immediately after stretching your left hips to the left, swing your right hips to the right.
- Standing erect, realign your hips to the left.

The bump

The bump is most likely the simplest disco "move" you can perform and is best performed in pairs. Simply rock back and forth to the music.

- Your hips should be shifting from side to side with each beat. Together, you should time your motions such that you are lightly "bumping" hips on every beat.
- Move your hands away from your hips while keeping them in the air.
- It's preferable to keep your feet firmly planted, unlike other disco movements.


The Village People's The YMCA is probably well-known to everyone.It has grown in popularity to the point that it is being applied outside of the disco scene. Due to the fact that it has long been a phenomenon on the Internet, you may see individuals doing it at many popular events, including sporting events and school dances.

Learning the dance is not too difficult. You can form the letters "Y," "M," "C," and "A" with your body by simply bending and moving your arms.

The funky chicken

This is perhaps one of the disco movements that is the dumbest in terms of being foolish. It's a lot of fun, though, during a party or when you're dancing with friends or other people.

- Place your hands in fists and rest your arms on each side of your chest.
- Your elbows ought to be tucked under your lower ribs.
- Move your head back and forth for four or eight counts.
- You may simulate a chicken's wings by extending your elbows while keeping your hands close to your chest.

The retro hustle

Since 1975, there have been several iterations of the hustle because of its enormous popularity. Because of this, the first edition is frequently referred to as the "Retro Hustle" to set it apart from later iterations.

Three steps forward and three steps backward make up this short series of movements. You would also be making other gestures while doing this, such as pointing your finger upward and making circles with your hands.

The double arm swing

The Double Arm Swing consists of two counts, and this is another recognizable disco move. Beginning with your left foot in a quarter turn to the left, you are in the starting position.

- As you do a chest thrust on the first count, extend your right arm upward and into the air. At the same time, extend your left arm rearward.
- Swing your left arm forward and upward on the second count while twisting your right arm to your back, bending your knee, and lowering your hip.

How to dance disco - Conclusion

People today frequently perceive disco as "old" dancing. However, that is completely inaccurate! Go to a club and practice your disco dancing techniques there. You may discover for yourself how much fun this dance can be!

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Updated January 2023

How to dance disco: the best moves to perform (with videos)

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