How to make your music more interesting: tips and recommendations

In a day of computer-based music, circles and perfectly synchronized sounds can become monotonous and boring. It is becoming increasingly important to convey excitement and lifelike vibrancy that grabs the attention of your audience.

There are a few simple methods to add some flavor to a mix and make it more interesting. This article explores a few different techniques for writing music that captivates listeners.

Whether you are just beginning to create a song or your song is practically finished, these suggestions will be helpful to you.

Things to consider in the song structure

Create a hook right away

Start your track with a piece that will catch the audience's interest right away. Cool lyrics or memorable music will work when you decide how to make your music more interesting.

A excellent technique to get listeners interested in continuing to hear the song is to grab their attention within the first 5–10 seconds of it. Don't forget to keep the action intriguing following the hook if you don't want to lose the audience.

Create a hook right away

Make the music constantly change

It's more fascinating to listen to something that is continually changing than something that stays the same for too long. This does not preclude you from playing a song in its entirety again. It's important to avoid boring your audience with too much of a single topic.

Replicate catchy sections

Repeating an outstanding chorus a few times will help it stand out and become memorable. You should play something over and over again if it is truly worthwhile.

You don’t need to repeat sections exactly the same each time, though. It might be intriguing to progressively change certain portions of a song during the song.

Put surprises in

If there aren't enough inventive things happening, a song may get monotonous. Include a few surprises that you wouldn't anticipate occurring.

But be cautious—too many surprises might make the music too complex and challenging to follow, which won't help you figure out how to make your music more interesting.

Put surprises in

Create more highlights

You are in charge of choosing the positions of the climax points and how to manage the feelings you wish to portray via them. Build up the listener's anticipation and excitement before the climaxes in order to make them stand out.

Sometimes a single song has numerous climaxes that are identical to one another. In other cases, the song only has one distinct climax at a particular place.

Maintain clarity and simplicity

You should be able to express yourself clearly through your music. This does not exclude your song from having challenging solos or intricate fills.

Instead of trying to stack too many poor elements on top of one another, concentrate on producing a few key parts of excellent quality.

Maintain clarity and simplicity

Plan your intensity

You should be aware of the song's most and least intense passages before assembling it if you really want to nail how to make your music more interesting.

Draw a line indicating how the song's intensity levels shift from the beginning to the end. This will make it simpler to assemble the song's many components.

For instance, the chorus, which is frequently the most powerful portion of the song, may be used to draw a peak. Make the region around the chorus less intense to make this peak stand out.

What to add to a song

Sound effects

This one can appear unimportant at first, yet it has a significant impact. Sound effects are a quick and creative way to make a finished track stand out, and these will definitely help you out on how to make your music more interesting.

Any unprofessional song may seem professional by adding elements like tension-building risers before a drop and powerful impacts at the beginning of a verse section.

Sound effects


For your mixes to be interesting, a lead instrument isn't always necessary. A thicker foundation and occasionally a really cool mood may be added to the music by layering a supporting instrument like an organ recording below everything else.

A pad is a crucial production tool for making a mix more engaging. Next time you feel like your solos and melodies might need some character, call your keyboardist. Your mix can be greatly improved by the underlying chords the organ pads provide.


In the chorus, additional percussion is added to help it gain momentum. We're not suggesting altering the drum beat but rather providing an additional layer of percussion, which is helpful in figuring out how to make your music more interesting.

To make a rhythm track that moves easily, layer a tambourine sound over the chorus or pepper several shaker patterns throughout the song. When the majority of your rhythm recordings are beats and drum loops, this works really well.


Divide chord patterns among several instruments

You have a lovely progression of piano chords, but you want to make it into a wider, more captivating arrangement. You may achieve this by dividing the piano chord notes into different instruments.

Although this approach may be applied to anything, orchestral sounds (violin strings, wind sections, etc.) work the best when you want to understand how to make your music more interesting.

Use silence

One of the most underutilized elements in the music industry is silence. Yet it's one of the most potent ideas available to producers, beatmakers, audio engineers, and composers. Any listener's attention is quickly drawn when a song abruptly ends, leaving just silence.

Use silence

It's hard to mention every potential method by which silence may be employed in music, but the most obvious one is to introduce it just before an exciting section of the song (like the first chorus).

You'll be creating tension for the audience by delaying the chorus' appearance. For a little while, the listener could feel awkward, but the release of the chorus will be far more rewarding.

Textures and atmospheres

If you're working with post-rock, math rock, new age, ambient, or progressive electronic music, this one is ideal. It's about adding aural layers to an existing song by utilizing textures and atmospheres.

It's important to make sure that your textures and atmospheres are either noise-based (such field recordings and pure noise colours) or tuned to the song's root key.

How to make your music more interesting - Conclusion

Making engaging music is crucial. We highly advise you to apply the aforementioned suggestions since you only have 30 seconds to grab the listener's attention, and once you do, it's very simple to lose it.

Yes, a song's core quality may be determined by its catchy melodies, strong choruses, and energetic beats. But fascinating isn't necessarily excellent.

You should give a song as much diversity, color, and dynamism as necessary to capture the interest of a seasoned music listener.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post, and if you'd want more career-related guidance, on our blog section, there are many more beneficial articles, advice, and recommendations to be found.

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Updated January 2023

How to make your music more interesting: tips and recommendations

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