Must-have makeup for dancers: best tips to follow

You and your fellow dancers are all buzzing with anticipation, and your nerves are running high in the dressing room before a dance competition. There is a lot to consider, including whether you will wow the judges and execute your choreography perfectly.

The last thing you want to find out while looking through your cosmetic bag during all this excitement is that you forgot to bring your most crucial competition makeup with you.

A confident face, which starts with the appropriate appearance, is the foundation of a confident dancing performance. Whether they are seated at the front or the back of the theater, dance makeup helps the judges and audience focus on the emotional parts of your performance.

Let's look at the essential dancer cosmetics you must always have on hand in order to feel good about yourself and be ready to give your all throughout the dance performance.

Makeup for dancers: the must have

Use this helpful checklist to put all of these things in your backpack the night before your competition so they're all set to go the next morning.


Bring a moisturizing face lotion with you if you want to have a smooth, radiant complexion. Choose a non-greasy, quick-drying solution since it will absorb more quickly and let you move on to the next phase of your makeup process.


Face and eye Primer

Your skin is hydrated by your moisturizer, but primer primes it for foundation, extending the longevity of your makeup through several routines and a lot of sweating. You need a primer if you don't want to feel as though your face makeup is slipping off as you dance.

Primer is not only necessary to keep your foundation in place; it also works wonders on your eyelids to keep eyeliner and shadows in place. Considering that the eyes are particularly sensitive, use a formula designed for them.


You can present your finest face by using foundation to cover up any blemishes, dark spots, or shadows on your skin and to lighten it. Under intense stage lighting, foundation produces an even and clean base.

Make sure you have enough foundation remaining for your competition when you pack your suitcase; if you think you'll run out, add extra.


Brush, sponge or foam blender

The best foundation won't do you any good if you can't apply it. The decision to apply foundation with a brush, sponge, or foam blender is a question of personal taste. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Try different things to see what works for you! Simply make sure you pack extra blenders.

Contouring product

You may enhance the definition of your cheekbones, neck, and shoulders and give your face more depth by using a powder or cream that is just a shade darker than your skin tone. Energetiks claims that contouring is essential because it keeps your face from appearing flat in the light.


You must apply blush on top of contouring powder or cream to complete the look. Select a pink shade that is a little bit brighter than the one you often wear. Both cream and powder blushes are suitable options.


To define your eyes, you’ll need several eyeshadows in a variety of shades. Apply white eyeshadow first, since this makes the eye stand out.

Then, you can top the white with darker browns, graysm, or purples in the creases and sweep it out toward the brow bone for definition. Since doing your eye makeup involves multiple shades of shadow, it’s worth it to invest in a large shadow palette.



Eyeliners that are liquid or gel stay longer than those that are penciled. Black eyeliner squeezed into the upper and lower lashlines will make your eyes and lashes stand out more and set off your shadow. To make eyes appear larger, apply white eyeliner to the waterline.

False Eyelashes

For the stage, false eyelashes are a necessity since they make your eyes pop. Invest in a bag of additional lashes to be safe.

False Eyelashes


One product that certainly doesn't require someone to promote its virtues is mascara. It's understandable why some people forego using any other eye makeup because mascara does such a good job of highlighting the eyes and giving you dramatic and incredible lashes.

However, keep in mind that when used in conjunction with the right amount of liner and eyeshadow, mascara can make your eyes stand out from the front row all the way back to the very last.


With lipstick, completely cover the lips. When applied to young dancers, rose-toned lipstick gives a gentler, more acceptable appearance than red.

However, a lot of studio executives and directors favor wearing red lipstick on stage. Make sure to clarify the cosmetic requirements for your studio's dance performance.


Setting spray or finishing powder

The last touch to your appearance, a finishing powder or setting spray, will ensure that your makeup stays in place no matter how much you sweat.

Please see the video we've included below for a comprehensive overview of all the products we've covered so far, along with some excellent application tips.

Makeup for dancers - Conclusion

So go ahead and explore, experiment, and take some chances with these products; at least you now have all the tools necessary to create a timeless, gorgeous makeup look that will amaze and wow judges and audiences alike.

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Updated January 2023

Must-have makeup for dancers: best tips to follow

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