How to slow dance: best tips to follow (with videos)

There are several occasions to slow dance, including weddings, proms, and just about everywhere there is slow music playing. A leisurely dance, though, could make you feel uncomfortable as maybe you are unsure of how near to stand to the other person or where to place your hands.

The "slow dance" is distinct from the normally energetic sets heard during a conventional dance. It enables a flirtatious or even amorous time with your significant other. You only need to learn a few fundamental techniques, have some confidence, trust your partner, and move elegantly to the music if you want to be able to perfect this ability.

Simply follow these instructions if you want to quickly learn slow dancing.

How to slow dance - Step 1: getting in the position

Ask to dance

Pick a potential slow dance partner, whether it be a friend, acquaintance, or crush. A straightforward, courteous request will do for any slow dance, so try not to overthink it. Give people the choice to accept or decline your invitation to dance unless it is obvious that they will dance, such as at a wedding.

Would you like to dance? Shall we dance? Can I have this dance, please? All of those are excellent substitutes for asking your spouse if they want to answer "yes" or "no.”

If your original companion declines your offer, don't become discouraged. At a dance, there are lots of individuals who are ready and happy to dance with you instead!

Ask to dance

Stand between one and two feet (0.30 and 0.61 meters) apart from your buddy

While remaining close, give yourself and your partner some breathing room. You can stand even closer to your dancing partner if you two get along really well.

Curve your right elbow under their left armpit to lead the dance

So that you're both close to each other during the dance, tuck your right elbow under your partner's armpit. As the leader of the dance, place your right hand lightly on your partner's left shoulder blade to direct them without exerting too much pressure. Never push your partner during a dance, regardless of the style. Don't press on your partner's back; instead, keep your arm firm.

Curve your right elbow under their left armpit to lead the dance

Hold the free hand of your buddy at eye level

To ensure that you both remain balanced during the dance, softly clasp your partner's hand. To ensure that the dance is comfortable and natural, keep both of your hands at the shortest person's eye level.

To get an idea, please watch the video below starting at second 38.

How to slow dance - Step 2: starting to dance

Take a left step with your partner

Bring your right foot over after moving your left foot about 6 to 12 (15 to 30 cm) to the left. Step with your left foot to the left again, then step with your right foot once more to the left. Your partner's and your feet should be moving in sync as you do this.

Take a right step with your partner

Bring your left foot over after moving your right foot about 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm) to the right, like you did before. Take one more step to the right, then bring your feet together. To finish the fundamental slow dance, keep taking steps to the right and left!

Take a right step with your partner

Turn your partner

Count to eight while taking slow right and left steps. When you lift your right hand from your partner's back to signal that you are going to turn them, take fouradditional gradual steps to the right.

Take fourmore steps to the left, then elevate your left hand to gently spin your partner in the dance. Move your right arm back across your partner's shoulder blade and take fourmore measured steps to the right.

To get an idea, please watch the video below from minutes 2 and 49 seconds.

If you're being turned, turn your body to the music

Take fourslow steps to the right, then fourmore slowly to the left as you move along with your partner. Turning your right foot outward will allow you to start rotating as you take a step to the right.

Your left foot should be placed to the right of your right foot while you gently spin on your right foot. After one more turn, step out with your right foot and then reunite your two feet. Put your hands back where they were when you finish the step.

To get an idea, please watch the video below from minutes 3 and 23 seconds.


Dip your partner to spice up your dancing

Take eight calm, simple steps, then lead your partner a few steps away. Move your partner's right hand toward your left shoulder as you spin them closer. As you lead your partner backward in a "dip," place both of your hands behind their back.

In order to completely assist your partner in the dip, you must gently flex your left leg forward. Continue your slow dance as normal, turning your partner back to the way you were dancing before.

To get an idea, please watch the video below from minutes 4 and 2 seconds.

How to slow dance - Conclusion

It may take some time to become proficient at slow dancing, especially if you're partnered with a stranger. Make sure you practice the steps frequently in between lessons and give yourself plenty of time and patience to master everything properly.

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Updated January 2023

How to slow dance: best tips to follow (with videos)

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