How to learn how to pole dance: best tips for beginners

A fun activity like pole dancing may help you feel both attractive and fit. Pole dancing may help you gain muscle while boosting your self-confidence, whether you're wearing high heels or more conventional training gear. To avoid being hurt, only practice on poles that have been professionally placed.

The popularity of pole dancing is skyrocketing among women of all ages and backgrounds, as well as among males. It's sporty, it's hot, and it may appear to be quite difficult to grasp for complete beginners.

The reality is far more straightforward than that: improving in pole dancing is much like improving at any other activity. You want to know how to learn how to pole dance? Help yourself with our best tips and recommendations.

What is pole dancing?

Step away from the stripper mythology if you want to comprehend what pole dancing is. In reality, it combines a sport, a fitness quest, and performance art. Vertical dance and pole sport are other names for pole dancing.

The origins of pole dancing may be found in mallakhamb, an Indian gymnastic discipline in which competitors use a vertical pole to perform strength-testing moves and intricate positions. Additionally, it resembles Chinese pole acrobatics.

What is pole dancing?

Modern pole dancing is a performance and fitness art that is also a competitive sport. Although pole dancing is typically associated with women, more and more guys are beginning to practice. It should come as no surprise that pole dancing is enjoyable and difficult and may teach you talents you didn't know you possessed.

Pole dancing for beginners: how to start

If you aren't very good at imitating movement and comprehending adequate muscle activation, learning pole dancing for beginners may be challenging. Then, there are some quite intricate tricks and moves.

Professional advice may be crucial in this situation. This is why we advise starting by enrolling in a class or guided program of some type. Self-learning is easier to accomplish after you are more familiar with the steps involved in dissecting a combination or trick.

Particular attention should be paid to the likelihood of harm. You'll likely receive advice from a pole instructor or training program about typical errors new pole dancers make. You could avoid potential headaches and injuries as a result of this.

Pole dancing for beginners: how to start

Select a location

Pole dancing lessons are becoming more and more common in gyms as a fun method of exercise. You might also see if any of the fitness center chains in your region are known to offer pole dancing classes.

It's worth checking to see if anybody provides lessons close to you since many independent trainers offer pole dancing courses in neighborhood gyms and dance studios as well.

Pole dance at home

If you want to pole dance in the comfort of your own home, get a free-standing pole that you can install in your home after carefully following the instructions.

The pole should be fixed in a location that provides you plenty of room to walk about, fully fitted to your ceiling and floor. Before using the pole, check its security.

Pole dance at home

Don't cover up your arms or skin with clothes

Dress comfortably and expose your arms and legs as you get ready to pole dance. By baring your skin, you will be able to securely execute these movements by getting a much greater hold on the pole with your arms and legs.

If you feel at ease around the pole and desire a sexier appearance, you may wear heels. Wear sneakers if you're new to pole dancing to provide a secure grasp on the pole.

Avoid using body lotion or oil when pole dancing

Before starting to pole dance, avoid applying any oils or lotions on your body. You'll slip down the pole as a result, and it may even be dangerous. To remove any oils or grease that may have collected from a prior session, wipe off the pole before using it.

Stretch before the lesson or activity

You should warm up with some mild stretching before starting to pole dance, just like you would before beginning any other kind of exercise.

Standing straight, touch your toes, roll your neck and shoulders, and then move one foot back till your toes are touching your butt to stretch your hamstrings until you feel a wonderful stretch in each one.

Stretch before the lesson or activity

Basic moves for beginners

Front hook spin

One of the simplest and quickest spin-type maneuvers you may master is the front hook spin, sometimes referred to as the showgirl spin or the front spin.

You just spin around the pole while holding it in place with both arms after wrapping one of your legs around it. Your outside foot would also be raised off the ground.

Back hook spin

The back hook spin is similar to the front hook spin but in the opposite direction.But don't undervalue this dancing motion. It differs from the front hook spin mechanically because of the direction difference.

It also has a distinct feel about it. It might be a little disconcerting for novices to learn because you can't glance behind your back.

Fireman spin

This is a well-known spinning maneuver that you've undoubtedly already seen. It's not too difficult, looks classy, and is a great way to increase your confidence when using the pole.

Walking around the pole

Although it seems quite easy, going around the pole requires skill. You must move with grace and accuracy to create the right atmosphere for your performance and the rest of your routine.

Learning the proper way to circle the pole will physically develop your muscles. Additionally, it increases your awareness of how close or far you are to the pole.

Sitting on the Pole

To sit on the pole without using your hands, you must first master the art of tightly controlling how your thigh grips the pole. Start scaling the pole when you get more adept at it.

Benefits of pole dancing

Some of the physical, psychological, and mental advantages of pole dancing for beginners are listed below. It's a fantastic method to enhance your health and quality of life, and the longer you stick with it, the more benefits you will have.

- Increases flexibility: More flexibility lowers the chances of back discomfort, a stiff neck, and aching muscles. Additionally, it lowers your chance of injuries, enabling you to move more comfortably and with less discomfort.

- Burn calories fast: Pole dancing works every muscle in your body, making it a great isometric and cardiovascular workout. You may significantly reduce your weight by engaging in consistent exercise and eating a healthy diet.

- Increase self-confidence: To execute pole maneuvers successfully, one must possess a high degree of elegance, good posture, and confidence. It increases your self-confidence in your body, both in terms of how it looks and in terms of what it is capable of.

- Enhances heart and vascular health: Pole dancing is a fantastic cardio activity for your heart health since it is a moderate-to-intense workout. All of your muscles are used, and this encourages robust blood flow, ensuring that nutrients and oxygen reach every region of your body.

How to learn how to pole dance - Conclusion

Everyone can like it, but the only way to know if it's right for you is to actually go and do it. Begin by looking for local instructors and pole dancing classes, and once you're comfortable with the fundamental spins, manoeuvres, and moves, you can even try installing a pole in your home with the help of a professional who knows how to do it correctly. Just keep in mind that safety comes first!

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Updated January 2023

How to learn how to pole dance: best tips for beginners

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