Why is my voice deep in the morning? Best tips to avoid it

For singers, morning voice is a typical issue. Your voice could sound deeper and raspier after a night of sleep. Even though everyone occasionally wakes up with a raspy, croaky voice, there are things you can do to reduce the effects and prevent a terrible voice day.

To give their voice time to wake up, most people naturally speak slowly and normally in the morning, without shouting or loud talking.However, there are other habits we may adopt to lessen the possibility of voice problems.

Here, we'll talk about the factors that might cause a voice to become raspy and the precautions you can take to preserve your natural voice, such as creating a healthy bedtime routine and learning the correct vocal warm-up techniques so that your voice is less croaky and deep in the morning.

The reasons for your deep morning voice

You have acidity near or on your vocal cords

Heartburn and acid reflux are the other major medical condition that may be harming your voice chords. Foods and drinks, especially alcoholic ones, may be the cause of this.

You have acidity near or on your vocal cords

Eating late at night can also make it difficult for the body to properly digest food, which can lead to heartburn symptoms. The vocal chords can become permanently irritated and burned by heartburn.

Your vocal cords have mucus

Our voice chords are really kept lubricated and healthy by mucus. The body manages mucus to maintain a healthy level so that it may lubricate the vocal chords. Mucus is typically drained.

The body finds that it is more difficult to clear mucus at night, which throws its balance off. The vocal cords may enlarge as a result and lose their capacity to vibrate at higher frequencies. As a result, morning voices tend to be lower.


Dehydration is another factor that might affect how you sound in the morning. The voice chords need to be lubricated since they became slightly dehydrated while you were sleeping. Warm tea or simply making sure you have enough water each day can definitely assist with this problem.


Best practices to avoid deep voice in the morning

Late food

You could occasionally get hungry right before going to bed. The body shouldn't be digesting food while you're asleep, so this is the worst time to eat. As a result, stomach acid may reflux into the esophagus and burn the vocal chords.

One of the primary causes of a rough, worn-out voice is acid reflux. If you must eat, choose something simple (without protein or spices), light, and simple to digest, such as a broth.

Late food

Mind the environment where you sleep

Do you have air conditioning or heating when you sleep? If this is the case, you should use a humidifier to restore moisture to the air, apply it to your voice chords, and help protect your throat at night. For the health of your voice, you need the right humidity levels.

A hygrometer is a practical, affordable tool that will inform you of the humidity level in your surroundings. You have to turn on your humidifier if it falls below 45%.

Sleep enough

Did you get the required amount of sleep? Sleep deprivation damages the voice and makes it harsh! Your voice chords will also mend themselves as you sleep and receive a good night's rest.

Most vocalists require at least 8 hours of sleep, so if you just get a few, you can wake up with a harsh voice. Make an effort to plan your day so that your voice has the best possible rest.

Sleep enough

Coffee and alcohol

Coffee is a popular beverage that many of us turn to in the morning to help us wake up. Coffee isn't the ideal beverage for enhancing your voice, though. Additionally, it might aggravate acid reflux.

Coffee and alcohol

The mucous membranes of the vocal cords might become dry due to dehydration brought on by coffee and other caffeinated beverages. If you drink coffee, make sure to drink plenty of water to compensate for the moisture you lost.Alcohol should be avoided since it dehydrates the vocal folds.

Wait a moment before speaking

Do you speak in your morning voice right away, or do you give it some time to warm up by gently vocalizing in the morning? Keep in mind that your voice chords have been inactive for some hours while you slept, which explains why they sound deeper in the morning.

On your dry, swollen chords, excessive talking might make the condition worse. Give them some time to regain their fluids and recover.

Warm shower

The morning after a hot shower is the best time to steam your voice box. Deep breathing and some extra hot water with lots of steam are excellent for moisturizing the vocal folds. This is a simple approach to getting the throat wet and alleviating a raspy voice.

Warm shower

Why is my voice deep in the morning - Conclusion

If you are working with a vocal coach, ask them about suggested warmups to help you work through a raspy, deep voice in the morning. Good habits and advance planning may help anybody get over their morning voice troubles and prevent a raspy tone.

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Updated January 2023

Why is my voice deep in the morning? Best tips to avoid it

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