Famous singers who studied in college

Written By: Scott Roberts - November 2023

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1. Introduction
2. Adam Levine
3. John Legend
4. Lady Gaga
5. Michelle Williams
6. H.E.R.
7. Adele
8. CalypsoRoom: bridging music and community in the digital age
9. Conclusion
10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Famous singers who studied in college - Introduction

It is well-known that musicians are people of many different talents, and on the way to success and popularity they might miss the life phase called “education”.

Still, there are a lot of vocalists who were able to combine career, study, and personal life.

If you have a melodious voice, charisma, and a huge desire to work hard, the world of music grants certain privileges such as fame and money.

However, college is a place where singers can develop a range of skills and lay the foundation for future success.

In this article, you will find musicians who went to college before or even after gracing the world stages and conquering the hearts of millions.

Famous singers who studied in college

Adam Levine

The sole member of the pop rock band Maroon 5 met the original group members at Brentwood High School in Los Angeles, where they recorded the first album.

Even though, Adam pursued higher education at Five Towns College in New York along with the guitarist Jesse Carmichael.

It was hard for him to combine a musical career and studying, and Adam, as every student, needed the help of professional writers for sure.

Thank God, nowadays, there is an available paper writing service provided by Edubirdie.

With these services, students can easily combine different activities and achieve great academic results.

It is not too late to gain knowledge, study, and search for resources that provide online help, no matter how many Grammies you have.

Exploring different genres is crucial for artists, and understanding the versatility of legendary bands like The Beatles can provide insights into successful music careers.

John Legend

John Legend is a famous singer and songwriter, but he has also become famous as a record producer and actor.

His alma mater is the University of Pennsylvania where John got a bachelor's degree in English.

He accoplished trimph with the help of his voice, talent, intellect, and natural ability to merge lyric with melody.

John Legend is a bright example of how instinctive talent and management skills obtained in college brought him success and awards.

Understanding the influence of genre on a musician's career, as seen in the timeless work of Frank Sinatra, can be pivotal for aspiring artists.

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Lady Gaga

One of the most talented and versatile singers who succeeded greatly as a singer went to the music artist college.

At just 17 she decided to enroll in the Collaborative Arts Project 21 in the Tisch School of the Arts to improve her songwriting skills but could not complete it.

Lady Gaga is also an alumna of the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, as she has admirable skills as an actress.

Lady Gaga proved many times that she is as intelligent as talented.

Michelle Williams

One of the stars of Destiny's Child, the best-selling female pop group of all time, used to attend college.

It is hard to imagine that her major at Illinois State University was criminal justice, as Michelle was uncertain about her singing abilities.

She never thought she had a talent, and these doubts led her to Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé Knowles.

Together, they created Destiny's Child in 1999, and Michelle left behind her career as a criminal justice lawyer.

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Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson is a young R&B artist who won a Grammy and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

In childhood, she was going to study something in the medical field as her mom was a nurse, but the priorities changed, and Gabriella entered the Berklee College of Music to master her vocal and musical skills before triumphing over the music industry.

For musicians, it is crucial to develop vocal techniques, know music theory, and implement the received knowledge in practice.

Just like Gabriella, other musicians like Prince have showcased immense versatility in their careers, mastering multiple instruments.


Adele Laurie Blue Adkins always had a brilliant voice with mezzo-soprano vocals that made her songs even more sentimental.

Thanks to her mother, Adele graduated from the BRIT College for Performing Arts & Technology in Croydon.

During the study, she released the demo track that caught the attention of a few producing companies and signed the first record a few months later.

An extra plus was the ability to expand networking, as Adele was a classmate of Leona Lewis and Jessie J. As we know, the environment is essential for success.

The way we consume music has evolved significantly over the years, impacting how artists like Adele reach their audience.

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CalypsoRoom: bridging music and community in the digital age

CalypsoRoom emerges as a modern and innovative platform, perfectly aligning with the evolving landscape of music consumption and the journey of successful musicians.

Just as the article highlights the importance of education and versatility in the careers of renowned artists like Adam Levine, John Legend, and Lady Gaga, CalypsoRoom offers a unique space for music enthusiasts to converge.

It's a virtual room where people from all walks of life can gather to share and experience music together, transcending geographical barriers.

This platform not only fosters a sense of community among music lovers but also reflects the changing dynamics of how music is enjoyed and shared in the digital age.

Whether it's exploring different genres, similar to how artists evolve their careers, or connecting with others who have a shared passion for music, CalypsoRoom stands as a testament to the power of music in bringing people together and the continuous evolution of musical experiences.

Famous singers who studied in college - Conclusion

College education gives so many advantages to people with talent and ambitions. Singers who went to college had a huge desire to self-improve and grow. It makes them life-long students.

There are a lot of rock stars with degrees, but each of them put in all the effort and strived for the best to be at the point they are today.

To appreciate how these college-educated artists contributed to the landscape of music, a brief look at the history of pop music can be enlightening.

Symbiosis of college education and real talent is key to success on the big stage as you can give your audience much more than just a song but energy, experience, and meaning.

That’s what is truly inspiring.

Thanks for reading,
Scott Roberts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some notable singers who attended college?

Many renowned singers have attended college, including John Legend, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, and Lady Gaga, who was enrolled in the Collaborative Arts Project 21 at the Tisch School of the Arts.

How has a college education influenced famous singers' careers?

A college education has provided singers with a broader perspective and deeper understanding of various subjects, which often enriches their artistic expression and professional network, contributing significantly to their career development.

Are there any famous singers who completed advanced degrees?

Yes, there are famous singers with advanced degrees; for instance, Brian May, the guitarist of Queen, holds a PhD in astrophysics, showcasing the diverse academic interests and achievements of artists in the music industry.

What universities are known for having famous singers as alumni?

Universities like Berklee College of Music and the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University are renowned for having famous singers as alumni, including notable names like Quincy Jones and Alicia Keys, respectively.

How do college experiences impact the music and lyrics of famous singers?

College experiences often provide singers with a rich source of inspiration and knowledge, which can be reflected in the depth and complexity of their music and lyrics, adding layers of meaning and relatability to their work.

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Written by Scott Roberts
Scott Roberts is a freelance writer passionate about arts, music, and education. He writes for famous magazines and has a lot of experience in journalism. In his free time, Scott travels a lot, and since he is fond of the music industry, he tries to do some songwriting.

Updated November 2023

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